Hope and possibilities.

What a good weekend. Sadie and I went to the Whispering Pine Farm. We walked around, booth to booth seeing what everyone was selling. There was good music and I had good company. I felt great. We left there and went to Main Street Saxonburg. I had never been there before. We enjoyed lunch at [...]

My blessings.

Tomorrow I will get my third Humira shot. The shot hurts like hell, to be honest, but it has been life changing for me. I am not to a place where I can give the shot to myself. My friend, Jenny, gave me the first one, John did the last. This is me with my [...]

Pitch it!

I am a bit of a packrat. A saver. I am a, one day I might need it, kind of girl. John, to put it mildly is the complete opposite. John and I built our house and moved in 17 years ago. That’s a long time. Other than my childhood home, this is the longest [...]


When I was young I only associated anniversaries with good things. That is not true for me anymore. Anniversaries can be rough. Can be painful. Anniversaries make us time travelers. Anniversaries can pick off a scab and open a wound so deep you think you will be lost in it forever. Anniversaries are not even [...]

Mark you calendars!

MARK YOU CALENDARS! Our 8th (wow) annual Joe Kimutis Memorial Spaghetti dinner will be December 15th at the Our Lady of Grace School cafeteria. The day of the spaghetti dinner is my favorite day of the year. I can’t believe this year’s dinner will be our 8th. We are so so grateful to our friends, [...]


Last Tuesday I spent the 90 degree weather day, in my pool. It was so hot it was almost unbearable and I was in the water. Just four days later it feels like late October. John, Sadie and I went to Bloomfield yesterday. We enjoyed lunch, a trip to a vinyl record store and a [...]

A new life.

I slept close to 10  hours last night. I have not slept that much in one night in years. I woke this morning, pain-free. Wow. I am so happy. For the first time in a long time I am feeling 97% like my old self. It has been more than two years since I have [...]

A sign from Joe.

This past weekend John, Sadie and I went to Houston Texas. Our niece, Courtney, got married. I super love when the Kimutis family has a wedding. It is a time when we can all get together. John has four siblings and we all live in different cities. Well, he even has a brother in another [...]

A junk picker.

For a few decades my sister has referred to me as a junk picker. I once saw a bumper stick that said “I stop for curb furniture.” Me too! I prefer to call it Street Merch, but it’s the same thing. I love a good flea market or garage sale. I love sorting through tables [...]

Pain-free moments.

I got out of bed this morning, pain-free. It has been more than two years since I have been able to say that. The recent shots I had in my knees has taken away the sharp pains I had with every step. Yesterday I was afraid the shots didn’t work. I do know that after [...]