Dropping temperatures.

I know that over the last few weeks we have had unseasonably warm temperatures. I think that may have come to an end. Before my feet hit the floor this morning, I could feel that every joint and muscle in my body is aching. The house is cold. It took me a while but I [...]

Happy Anniversary, Johnny!

This morning we are waking up to a rainy day.  That was not the case twenty-seven years ago today.  It was snowing.  In Pittsburgh.  In OCTOBER! Yes, our wedding day did not start off on a good foot, weatherize but, it has been twenty-seven years and it has been a pretty good run. This photo [...]

Busy day.

Two doctor visits, blood work, chest x-ray, doppler sonogram and an armload of prescriptions. Yesterday was a busy day. I am grateful to have good healthcare. I am grateful to have seen doctors who are already helping me to feel better. Life is good.  

Fingers crossed.

This is too early for me to be up, showered and ready to walk out the door. I am slow moving in the morning. I have been having some health concerns lately and today I am hoping to get answers. This morning I have two doctor appointments. It is my prayer  that each of them [...]

Maya Angelou.

I had a dream about Maya Angelou last night. We were walking together on a beach. I was telling her how much I have loved all of her books and poetry. She turned to me and said one of my favorite of her quotes: I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will [...]

Feel it differently.

I was speaking with a young friend of mine recently. She was saying that she was scared of a few upcoming unknowns in her life. I told her to say that she is excited about what is to follow, rather than scared. Excited feels so differently in our bodies. I saw this article which speaks [...]


John is in St. Louis visiting his mama. A friend of mine sent me a newspaper article about a new place that opened in Bloomfield yesterday. Sadie and I jumped in the car in search of Salvation. It is a new salvage type business located in an old church. My kind of place! It was [...]


It is Saturday. Sadie and I have no plans until 4 o’clock this afternoon. I’m looking forward to spending this time with my girl. Oh, the possibilities. Happy Saturday.

Joseph Kimutis Memorial Fund grants $1,500.

The Joseph Kimutis Memorial Fund recent activity: Joseph Kimutis Memorial Funds OLG Ministries The Our Lady of Grace Ladies of Charity, and St. Vincent de Paul Society were recently notified they are recipients of 2016 Grant Funds to assist in the programs and ministries conducted by its members.  This is the second year of funding [...]

So long, Facebook. We need a break.

Other than posting my blog, I need to take a break from Facebook. I always loved Facebook. My friends were a giant help and support to me while I tried to find my way through the world after Joe died. I have reconnected with old friends and, I have a Cookie Jam game addiction, unfortunately. [...]