Today is the day.

Today is the day! Please say a prayer today that this drug works for me. I have put this drug off for two years. Now, I feel it is my best chance to have a normal life. I have a lot of eggs in the Humira basket. Thank you!    

Joe’s purple flowers

When Joe died we received many, many plants and flowers. We received a hydrangea plant from one of his friends, that we placed on the side of our house. I took this photo this morning. Seeing those purple flowers make me very happy. I hope that wherever Joe is today, that he is blooming where [...]

The unimaginable.

I was texting with a friend this morning. She is going to see the show “Hamilton” this weekend in DC. We are going in January in Pittsburgh. She told me about a song, “It’s Quiet Uptown.” She said it makes her cry. Said it makes her think of me and Johnny. I listened to it. [...]

A prayer for peaceful schools.

Recently, I saw a prayer for peaceful schools. As I see pictures of smiling children as they prepare for a new year, I thought about this prayer. May children and teachers throughout the world Look forward to going to school each day. May they feel seen, appreciated and valued For who they are, Big or [...]

A Pin Oak Wedding.

John, Sadie and I had a wedding to attend on Saturday. Our sweet neighborhood friend was getting married. Hannah spent a lot of time at our house when she was young. She and Joe were the same age and I loved her like a daughter. I knew her wedding would be emotional. She is the [...]

National Vinyl Day

Today is national vinyl day. The last time I played an album was, last weekend! John and I still very much enjoy listening to our old albums. You can often find us enjoying a weekend night right here on Pin Oak Drive. We enjoy a few beers and music. It is always a good time [...]

Prayers please.

I had an appointment with my rheumatolgist yesterday. I was diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis and psoriasis two years ago this month. It has been a long two years. I have been pushing back against prescription drugs for most of that time. I have tried many, many natural remedies to find relief. I will say, many [...]

Rising Cairn

I saw a photo of this sculpture, “Rising Cairn” which was created in the 80′s by Celeste Roberge. I thought it was powerful. People suffer from grief and loss every day. It is not just the death of a loved one. It is the loss of a job. A divorce. It is many things. This [...]

Have empathy.

There are so many things in our lives that make life difficult. Situations that are rough. Hurdles we have to jump on the daily. There is one thing we all can do. We can help each other by remembering to have empathy to those around us. Those closest to us can help us to lighten [...]

Shoulder taps.

I love this video. I love it a lot. I think it confirms my faith in our life after death and my faith in humanity. Love it. 4OAAJwnMNRQ