Well, I have been here one week. It has been so nice to see my wonderful friends. I love that I have the type of friends that, when I don’t see them for a while, we pick up right where we were. That’s nice. John has been enjoying his time here. He is running and [...]

My next chapter.

Johnny was feeling under the weather, but seems to be back to his old self this morning. He is out on his bike, riding down the island. I am sitting on the lanai in my pajamas, sipping a cappuccino out of my happy mug. I have no idea what my blood pressure is but I’m [...]

A lighter soul.

Johnny is on the island! He arrived yesterday afternoon. He unpacked and got settled in. We went to our favorite place for dinner and live music. I am so grateful and blessed to spend this time here with him. I hope the neighbors did not mind the guitar playing and singing that happened here last [...]

Mama, four years in heaven.

  I woke this morning thinking about my Mama. My Mama died four years ago today, I was sitting in this same condo in Florida when I was told that my mama died. Hearing that news released a primal scream that came from deep, deep within me. How could it be? One word to describe [...]


I am up early today. Travel days are long and stressful for me. I slept great last night, waking to the sound of a bird in a palm tree outside my window. From the looks of it, it is going to be a great day. I’m heading out soon to go to the grocery store. [...]

Bye, Pittsburgh

I am up early today. I have a flight to Orlando this morning at 9:50. I am flying alone today. I have a rental car waiting for me and I will drive south to South Hutchinson Island. It’s only been four months since I was there last, but it seems much longer than that to [...]

Joe at the DMV.

Some mornings I wake up and Joe is in the front of my mind. I was still thinking of Joe while I was driving to the DMV in Bridgeville. They moved their office and are now located in the back of the plaza. As I drove by the test course I thought of my kids [...]

Hats for the homeless.

I am so happy that friends and strangers are pitching in to create beautiful, homemade hats! We recently started a project through the Joe Kimutis Memorial Fund. We are making 100 homemade hats for the homeless. I have to say these hats are SO nice! If you knit or crochet, join us!    

Pancakes and photos

It was just National Pancake Day!  Pancakes are a big deal at our house.  I have a lot of memories of John making pancakes.  This is a photo of Sadie and her friends, “Papa K’s Breakfast Club”. Back in the day, John would have Sadie’s friends over to the house, before school. Kids would roll [...]

Are you a bridge?

Nearly every morning I wake up with a song in my head.  This morning that song was Bridge Over Troubled Water.  I have loved that song since I first heard it when I was about 10.  My sister bought the album of the same name.  I would sit for hours listening to the music. Simon [...]