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School supplies

Sadie starts her Senior year of high school in three weeks.  My little neighbor friend is going to first grade.  Wow!  Where did the summer go?  Also, why does the season of summer seem to go SO much faster than winter?  I love winter as well, but, summer is the best. I enjoy the Sunday advertisement sheets [...]

Four months.

  I wonder how long I will count the months?  Today, it is four.  Four months since I hugged my son.  To say that I miss him is an understatement.  How I would love to hear him playing the drums.  I would love to hear that deep belly laugh. Remember my Joe today.  Say a [...]

Saying goodbye.

Today, I walked through my family home for the last time.  Sixty years ago my dad built this house for our family.  We had many years of fun and memories in that house and in that neighborhood.  It was time.  My dad had great difficulty getting into and out of that house.  The last thing [...]

An evening of nothing.

Last night I sat on my friend’s pool deck.  There were a few of us.  We talked, laughed and enjoyed a few drink.  I am blessed.  My state of mind (other than a dull headache – (few drinks)), is much better today.  Being around people who “get you” is a good place to be.  Joe [...]

Join Something

So, I just heard this quote: “Joining a club that makes you show up just once a month has the same impact on your happiness as doubling your income.” Interesting.  During the summer most clubs stop meeting, only to resume in the fall.  I’m in a bowling league (yep, I’m athletic) and I am in [...]

Please pray

Today, I am just asking for your help.  Your prayers.  There is a boy in Children’s Hospital in Pittsburgh.  His grandparents are friends of mine.  Doctors are working to understand the cause of little Marky’s illness.  Marky is in ICU.  Very sick.  Pray for his quick recovery.  Pray that the Doctor’s can understand the cause [...]

Amy Winehouse

Amy Winehouse died this weekend.  I am sad about this news.  She was a very talented and gifted young lady.  Her life of drugs and struggles mirror to us our own problems and pains, whatever they may be.  SO many people are judging Amy that she wasted her talents and gifts.  That is not our job.  [...]

Signs, signs, everywhere a sign.

Last night I had drinks and appetizers with two of my neighbor friends.  We sat outside.  Even with the heat, it was nice.  I enjoy time with these two ladies.  It is not often we can share “girl time” without their small children.  It was nice to see them relax.  Conversation was comfortable as always.  [...]

Nothing is something.

I woke this morning to the sound of thunder.  Not my favorite.  When I was young, my dad would say that the angels are bowling, when we would hear thunder.  Since Joe’s passing, people would tell me that Joe is playing the drums.  I find no comfort in any of that. Lightning must have struck [...]

Flash mob

  Take a deep breath, sit back, and watch this video: It will inspire you.  I have added “Participate in a flash mob”  to my bucket list.  This is the kind of spontaneous joy that I would like to be a part of, soon.  So, if one day you are driving through Bridgeville and you [...]