An evening of nothing.

Last night I sat on my friend’s pool deck.  There were a few of us.  We talked, laughed and enjoyed a few drink. 

I am blessed.  My state of mind (other than a dull headache – (few drinks)), is much better today.  Being around people who “get you” is a good place to be. 

Joe sent the mourning dove that sat of the roof of the house for a good part of the evening.  Always close.  Also nice. 

Time around friends, doing nothing, is time well spent.  I’m grateful.  It was food for my spirit.  And the bowl of buttered popcorn, well, that was just food for my hips.

Thank you friends!

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  1. Lisa Says:

    anytime friend:) love you

  2. Lorie Says:

    Being around friends who “get you” really is a good place to be. One of the places I love being most. Glad we can share that place together. And buttered popcorn, I believe, is good for the soul. Just sayin…xo