Flash mob


Take a deep breath, sit back, and watch this video:


It will inspire you.  I have added “Participate in a flash mob”  to my bucket list.  This is the kind of spontaneous joy that I would like to be a part of, soon.  So, if one day you are driving through Bridgeville and you see a crazy lady, and a few 100 people dancing in the middle of the street, look for me.  I will be wearing purple.

Have a beautiful day.  Rejoice.  This is the day that the Lord has made.

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  1. karen giannetti Says:

    My cousin Kevin created a flash mob to propose to his fiance. Very cool!

  2. Katie C Says:

    Oh my gosh so crazy, I just watched this last night!! When you find out about a local flash mob you better tell me about it.

  3. Sue M, Says:

    Someone sent this link to me before but I could watch it over and over again . . . and have! Gives me the chills!

    Let me know when the Bridgeville flash mob event takes place . . . might even be worth the drive to Pittsburgh to see the crazy lady!

  4. Michelle S. Says:

    So cool – I have never seen anything like that before! I loved it! If a flash mob is being organized for Bridgeville I’d love to be involved! We miss you!

  5. Regina Says:

    I am with Michelle…I would love to join in that event too…

  6. Susan P. Says:

    That made me laugh and cry! I loved it! Count me in!!!!!!