Nothing is something.

I woke this morning to the sound of thunder.  Not my favorite.  When I was young, my dad would say that the angels are bowling, when we would hear thunder.  Since Joe’s passing, people would tell me that Joe is playing the drums.  I find no comfort in any of that.

Lightning must have struck me in a previous life.  I’m not a fan of the storm.  Today, I will stay inside, stay cool and do more of what I did yesterday – nothing. 

There is a lot to learn in doing nothing.  I think the Source of our being can speak to us more easily in the spaces.  The quiet times between this and that.  I need to listen to what is being said to me.  Guidance.  The desire to learn more of who I am and where I am going is floating to the top of my being, like cream in a milk jug.  What is my purpose?  Why am I here? Where do I step next?

No answers come to me just yet.  There is time and it is still raining. 

How about you?  Do you know where to step next?

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  1. Judy Kinnee Says:

    I am not sure what my next step is but I do know that I absolutely LOVE a good thunderstorm. When I hear thunder in the distance I grab a drink (coffee or wine depending on the time ) a blanket and run to the front porch, hunker down on a chair and wait for the rain it to come. I get so excited looking out as far as I can for lightning. Just the anticipation of the downpour is exhilarating to me and when it is over it always leaves me a little melancholy.

  2. Shellee Says:

    As a child, I was afraid of thunderstorms too. Now they make me feel at peace with the earth. mother nature talking to us, telling us to stop what we are doing, and listen. My grandmother also told me the angels were bowling. Or moving furniture. Do you know that I move my furniture around every month? I thought it was the gemini in me. but I think its the angels talking to me.