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So, Katy Perry won best music video for her song Firework, at the VMA Awards this week.  I LOVE this song!  It resonates to the core of me.    When Katy accepted her award she said, “I feel like I am doing something right when I sing that song.”  Yes, Katy, you are doing something [...]

Thinking differently.

We must change our thinking about death. I recently read the following: We should understand that there is no separation between what is physical and Non-Physical.  We should understand that there is not even a lapse in consciousness.  That “death” is a matter of closing one’s eyes in this dimension and literally opening one’s eyes in the other [...]


A while back I talked about taking Sadie to make ceramics.  Well, she picked up her finished mug yesterday. Creativity:  Creativity refers to the phenomenon whereby something new is created which has some kind of value. What counts as “new” may be in reference to the individual creator, or to the society or domain within [...]

Mother nature

WOW!  Earthquake and now a hurricane.  The east coast is taking a beating.  As I am writing this there is a CNN meteorolgist being blown around, like a ragdoll, on the boardwalk in New York.  I guess it is not enough for us to see the lifeguard building floating away to know that the rough waters [...]


Worry.  That was a word that I eliminated from my vocabulary after Joe’s passing.  I am trying to remember that worry does not serve me.  Today is an important day.  My sister, Kathi, is having medical tests to determine what is going on in her body.  Worrying will not help her.  Praying will.  I am [...]

Continue praying

  My sister still remains in the hospital.  The doctors are still trying to find the cause of her issues, and then a solution.  My mind is on nothing else.  Kathi is very important to me.  All my life she has been my “go to gal”.  Now, she needs everyone to go to her through [...]

Power of Prayer

This is a picture of me and my sister Kathi.  She is not just a sister to me, but a best friend and a second mom.  She is very sick.  It is 4:27 Wednesday morning.  Sleeping is not an option since I am thinking about and praying for Kathi.  Kathi has been sick for months.  This [...]

Appreciate the teacher.

School is back in full swing.  Sadie had a good day.  She is happy with the teachers she has this year.  Teachers.  There has always been a giant debate about teachers and their salaries.  In my opinion, teachers are underpaid and underappreciated.  Yes, they get time off in the summer.  They are teaching our children.  [...]

School Days

                    Today is Sadie’s first day of school.  Her Senior year.  She ran out of the door, leaving herself a whopping eight minutes until she needs to be sitting in her first class.  Huh?  Normally, or should I say, in years past, Sadie liked to have [...]


John and I came home last night to find these on our front porch: They are from Joe’s friend, Andrea.  She is going back to college today.  I didn’t know Andrea very well, until after Joe’s death.  He spoke of her with kindness.  He cared for her and she him.  Getting to know and love [...]