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Six months

It is hard to believe that it has been six months since Joe died.  I miss him.  At times, it seems like he was here yesterday.  Other times, I wonder if I just imagined that beautiful guy.  But mostly, there is a hollow longing in my heart.  I do receive many signs from Joe.  Things [...]

Teen Energy

Occasionally, like last night, I have a visitor.  I LOVE teenage energy.  There is no knocking, she just walks in the house.  None of the kid’s knock when they come here.  I like that.  They feel “at home” here.  Sarah’s friend stopped in to see us.  She talks very fast, is moving constantly, and reminds me of myself, well, [...]

The pool man

My cute pool man has closed the pool.  I have the next eight months to look at the ugly cover.  This summer was a hot and beautiful summer for floating in the bucket.  Thank God.  I love floating in the backyard.  Nothing between me and the clouds.  I feel closest to God in my backyard [...]

Book signing

I had my first book signing last week.  I was nervous, but all went well.  It was a nice evening.  Here are a few of the comments people are making about my book.  I am both overwhelmed and flattered: ‘I remember learning that there are four emotions: sad, mad, glad and afraid.  While reading Receiving [...]

Petunias in the pumpkin patch

I mentioned in an earlier post that the deer ate the pumpkins and watermelon from my garden.  Recently,  John cleared the garden, leaving the soil ready for planting next year.  Today, standing on my deck, I spotted something purple growing in the cleared garden. I grabbed my camera and went to investigate.  There they were, purple petunias [...]

No electricity

Yesterday our electricity went out. For a few hours.   Some guy thought texting and driving were a good mix.  He hit a pole with a transform.  SO, no electricity for me. This is what I learned about not having electricity: 1) The hairdryer is electric. 2) I thought I would do laundry. Oops. No. [...]

Jim Henson – The Rainbow Connection

Today, Jim Henson would have turned 75 years old.  Jim was the talented artist who created the Muppets, Fraggles and of course those Sesame Street characters that we all love so much. Jim died on May 16, 1990, at age 53.  The cause of death, Streptococcus pyogenes.  He had streptococcus (bacterial) pneumonia.  Jim had flu-like symptoms and told [...]

“Heaven is popular, these days.”

Yesterday was an interesting day for me.  I went to mass at Our Lady of Grace.  The 9:00 mass was being said for Joe.  I feel comfortable in that church.  Comfortable is good.  I asked Joe to send me a sign that he was around me.  After mass I stopped at Walmart.  I was picking [...]

A wonderful surprise

I got home yesterday from the usual errands, to find a box on my front porch.  I fought my way through the stinkbug infestation on the front porch (ugh) and I brought the box into the living room.  I recognized the name of te return address.  A friend from high school.  It has been, well, [...]


Sadie and I and well, even John, love Glee.  Okay, maybe John just likes Glee, but it is something we watch together.  John is out of town tonight.  He was talking to me on the phone at 8:00.  We hung up so he could see the beginning of the show.  At 8:05 I received a text from John. “Wait until [...]