Sadie and I went to Joann Fabrics yesterday.  When the two of us walk into that store, we are both able to exhale.  We love the energy.  They have remodeled the store.  When I mention this to a sales clerk, she tells me the remodel happened in June.  June?  Wow.  It has been a while.

Sadie explains an idea for an art project.  Her eyes bounce as she explains.  We purchase the molds and the clay.  I mention that the snowman on the porch could use a new scarf and hat trim.  I pick up a plaid flannel material and show it to Sadie.  She sees it and rolls her eyes, laughing.  It is purple.  No surprise.

We fill our cart with project “ingredients.”  We laugh and enjoy time together.  We move ever so slowly towards our new normal.

I am thankful.  I am blessed.  I appreciate every minute of this time.  Sadie looks at the cart and says that we are spending too much money.  I joke and tell her we are going to have to leave our car in exchange for the cart.  Then, I tell her it is only money.

A cart full of possibilities – $130.  Time well spent with my favorite girl – priceless.   As we walk out the door she hugs me, silently.  I smile and exhale again.





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  1. Sue M. Says:

    Great story! I could spend a full day in Joann’s, Michael’s, or a Hallmark store and not get bored. Just love that stuff! Love your snowman, too.

  2. Michelle S. Says:

    I am crying! I am glad you two enjoyed a wonderful day together!