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I am weary.

I’m sad today.  I have few words.  A song is stuck in my head.  I’m not surprised.  The first time I heard this song sung this way, Joe was singing it, half clowning around, in the kitchen.  I loved it, and am sorry it is not on video. It has been a favorite of mine [...]

National Adoption Day!

  Today is National Adoption Day!  I don’t think I have to say how I feel about adoption, but, I will. While I would have loved to have felt the movement of my children growing inside of me, I would not trade all the biological babies in the world for the two children who have [...]

Sarah – My criminal scientist

This is Sarah and Cyril Wecht.  Cyril Wecht was Pittsburgh’s Forensic Pathologist.  He is a coroner who has worked on many famous cases in this country, and others.  Sadie is very interested in criminal forensics.  She was very happy when her CSI club was able to have Dr. Wecht come to her school to speak [...]

National Children’s Grief Awareness Day – Sarah and Joe

It is hard to believe that Joe is in Heaven.  Today is National Children’s Grief Awareness day.  Grieving children.  Life is hard enough when you are a child without throwing grief into the pot. Sarah was 17 years and 4 days when Joe passed.  She never knew life without him.  He was her big brother, [...]

Tomorrow is National Children’s Grief Awareness Day

This is my daughter, Sarah.  She is holding the Hope Butterfly.  Sarah is sitting at Joe’s drum set, a place that was important to him.  Joe is Sarah’s brother who died suddenly on March 30, 2011.  He was 19, full of life and a loving, protective force in Sarah’s life. We participate in a program [...]


I love ZAPPOS!  Sleep does not come easy to me.  But, buying shoes does.  Here is the magical thing about Zappos.  You can order a pair of shoes at 3:00 a.m. and those shoes are landing on your front porch before 3:00 p.m. I SWEAR Zappos has a sleigh like Santa!  Here is the BEST [...]

Around the campfire

  Last weekend John and I sat around the campfire.  I remember when Joe told John that he wanted to build a fire pit.  The two of them bought the stone and built the pit together.  Sitting around a fire pit happens often in our neighborhood.  But, that night it was just John, me and [...]

Everyone has their own battle.

Each day we wake up, get out of bed, and move through our lives.  We are all here, on this planet, to learn lessons.  Isn’t that why we came here?  Soul evolvement. Someone said to me yesterday, “I don’t know how you do it.”  I will admit that I often feel numb.  Stunned really.  I [...]

Little shoppers

I was meeting a friend for lunch.  I was early, and in a mall, so I walked to the Track ‘N Trail store.  Sadie needs a new pair of boots.  I spotted a pair of Ugg boots and walked towards the wall.  Quickly, a little girl darted in front of me, and grabbed a tiny [...]

An energy shift – 11/11/11

Today is November 11, 2011 – 11/11/11.  There will be another energy shift on the planet. Okay, so you’re thinking, here she goes again, talking crazy talk.  That’s okay, I can take it — but stay with me here. Whether you believe in shifts in energy…or not, knowledge of this will help create an awareness [...]