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New Year’s Eve

It is the end of 2011.  This morning as I type this I am realizing that this day is creating emotions I didn’t expect.  I was looking forward to the end of this year.  I was looking forward to putting this awful year to bed.  Until today. Putting this year behind me is another “first” [...]

The 200th Blog, thank you!

I find it hard to believe that this is my 200th blog.  That means 200 days.  Recently someone said to me, “Wow, you really put yourself out there in your blogs.”  I guess I do.  Each morning I get up, come downstairs, turn on the computer and write.  I write whatever comes into my mind.   I [...]

A message, from Heaven.

“Do you believe in Angels or God?  I do?”  They are the last words on a computer message, sent from an 18 year old boy.  Watch these videos.  “When will the fantasy end?  When will the Heaven begin?”  I don’t need to say much else.  What a wonderful gift he left his parents, family and [...]

Me? Golf?

  I bought John golf clubs for Christmas.  When I went to Golf Galaxy (If anyone should know something about golf, it should be them), to get John golf clubs it was an eye opening experience.  Golf is big business.  The salesman, who proudly told me he had 27 sets of clubs, was a big [...]

A new year.

Well, it was a year ago last night that I went to the Emergency Room, thinking I was having a stroke.  Fortunately it was only Bell’s Palsy.  When they told me it was Bell’s Palsy I had never heard of it.  Said I was smart to come in an ambulance since the faster they catch [...]

A friend’s dream

I want to share a dream with you.  My friend had this dream on Christmas eve.  At mass that evening she was sitting in front of us.  During mass I prayed to Joe, asking him to come to me in a dream.  I told him I know that coming to me in a dream, especially [...]


We spent yesterday at my parent’s house.  Fortunately, dad was feeling well.  He always loved Christmas and I am glad he was able to be feeling well enough to enjoy it. For me, it was rough.  Christmas magic?  I wasn’t feeling it.  I did my best to fake it.  I don’t know if I was fooling anyone [...]

Christmas Eve

It is Christmas eve morning.  This day and tomorrow could go any number of ways.  I will be taking these two days, one minute at a time.  One breath in, one out.  I must turn my face towards what I have, not what I don’t.  I am blessed.  Upstairs, Sadie and John are sleeping.  I [...]

Drummer Boy

  Last night I had a dream that Joe was playing his drum set that is downstairs.  In the dream, I was sleeping in bed at the time, and the drums woke me up.  I sat up in bed, familiar with the beat.  Could I be hearing things?  I ran downstairs and there he was, [...]

A good soak.

I still cannot shake this illness.  Last week, I sat in a hot, jacuzzi bath of sea salts and ginger root.  Last night I did the same again.  I lit candles and put an Annie Lenox CD in the player.  A hot bath, by candlelight.  We have lived in this house 10.5 years.  I only [...]