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Rest in Peace, Jimmy Slack.

Yesterday I was out doing errands.  I reached above the visor and pulled down a CD.  I popped it in.  REM was playing, Leaving New York.  I drove past the funeral home.  On the sign, James Slack II.  I inhaled deeply.  I had been praying for Jimmy Slack every day since he went missing on [...]

Ten Months – Spring Awakening.

 Today, it has been ten months since I have hugged my son.  Ten months.  I think of him constantly.  I miss him more often.  There are many moments that I cannot believe this has happened to our family.  To our four pack, that is now suddenly three.  Yesterday, John, Sadie and I went to see [...]

A raw deal.

Friday night my sister and I stopped at a local restaurant/bar for something to eat.  I will start by saying that the waitress warned us, telling us that the cook’s were doing a terrible job that night. I laughed and said I would just have the chicken tenders.  I have had them before, and liked [...]

I AM – The Documentary

I saw Tom Shadyac on Oprah.  VERY interesting guy.  He was a successful Hollywood director.  After suffering a life threatening head injury, his life became about answering two questions: “What’s wrong with our world?”  and “What can I do about it. So he set out to make a documentary.  The name “I Am.” What he found out [...]

I’m honored!

Last night my phone rang.  It was my friend Lisa.  I talk or text with Lisa everyday, but rarely in the evening.  We made small talk for a few moments, but I knew she had something to tell me.  I was a bit hesitant since Lisa is also my dad’s nurse.  Not all news is [...]


Kiefer Sutherland has a new show called Touch.  The premise is that we are ALL connected.  It is fascinating.  It is based on the Chinese legend of the invisible red thread.  The Invisible Red Thread “An invisible red thread connects those destined to meet, regardless of time, place or circumstances.  The thread may stretch or [...]

Think differently

There is a new program on the OWN Network.  It is called Beyond Belief.  It is on Tuesday at 10:00.  I watched the first show last night.  I love a show that helps people to think in a new way.  We all think that the  way we think is the “right way.”  Think about what [...]

Annoying qualities

Did you ever notice that some people just annoy you?  I was standing in the grocery store line.  The lady in front of me was talking and joking with the cashier.  This was slowing the cashier, and in turn, slowing me from getting out of the store.  There was nothing wrong with the woman, except [...]

A coke explosion.

Last summer our electric bill was consistantly about $100 more than any of our neighbors.  Yeah, I like the house cold in the summer.  Able to hang meat in the living room cold, but $100?  Well, we have an OLD refrigerator in the garage.  In the summer it has to work about $100 worth of [...]

A dark theater.

John, Sadie and I went to the movies yesterday.  We saw “Joyful Noise.”  Our first choice was “Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close.”  We decided on “Joyful Noise” because it seemed “lighter” to us. I love music and I enjoy Queen Latifah and Dolly Parton.  There was a young man in the movie, Jeremy Jordon.  It [...]