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In the moment with Mama.

I am really enjoying my time with my mom and sister.  Tonight we went to a local restaurant/bar.  It is called Archie’s Sea Breeze and it is a indoor/outdoor place where no shoes is not only allowed, but welcomed.  The live music and energy there is wonderful.  There are as many Harley motorcycles in the [...]

On Eagle’s Wings

Yesterday, we went to the 4:00 mass at St. Anastasia’s.  On the wall of the church, like most churches, is the number list of the songs that we will sing during mass.  I always look up the songs to make sure there is not a “trigger” song among them. There was one, “You are Mine” [...]

Weary traveller

I’m sitting in the dark in a “Comfort” Inn while my sister and mom sleep. Our plane didn’t land until 10:30. It was raining. We decided to spend the night in Fort Lauderdale. I’m not a fan of travel days. Kathi and I went to the bar last night. A guy walked in and ordered [...]

We are off!

Today, my mama, my sister, Kathi, and I are heading south to Hutchinson Island, Florida.  I am trying to not think too much about this trip.  I want to stay in the moment and enjoy my time with these two women who are SO important to me.  I’m going to miss my dad.  He loved [...]

A blast from the past.

John and I went to Robinson Mall the other day. I know it is 2012, but it was 1978 in the parking lot. I was THRILLED to see the car in the photo. I remember when my high school boyfriend got his brand new Gremlin. Seeing that car was like hearing an old song on [...]

Craigslist find!!!

I was able to get this dresser and nightstand on Craigslist. Cost – $75!!! The best part is the furniture matches other furniture in Sadie’ room. Someone told me they thought it was creepy that I would buy used furniture. I said that I wiped it out and saged it. She still thought it was [...]

Prayers for Joe, from the children.

On April 7th I posted a blog about a bird suet filled with purple yarn. The idea was that birds would be able to come, pick a piece of yarn, and add it to their nest. I got this idea from my friend who had it pinned on her Pinterest board. Confusing, I know. My [...]

Good energy

We are all made up of energy. Have you ever met someone who, by just being around them, you feel better? Or, how about that person who always brings you down. Not for any particular reason, but you may dread seeing them or talking with them on the phone. We are always giving off energy. [...]

Earth Day

Today is Earth Day. Last year we bought and planted a dogwood tree in memory of Joe. Dogwood trees are tricky. Living high on this hill, with windy conditions, we kept our finger crossed that it would be okay through the winter. The tree is blooming now. However, tonight the temperatures are going to take [...]

Thank God he is home!

There is a statistic out there that says that 90% of all marriages end in divorce within the first two years after the death of a child. Personally, I disagree with these statistics. I have become closer than ever to John. He is my rock, my wall that I lean on often. I cannot imagine [...]