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Another Craigslist find!

I was searching through the furniture department of Craigslist.  I wanted a television cabinet.  I wanted one that was not too tall so that I could put pictures and a lamp on the top. BINGO!  I found the cabinet pictured below.  It is very nice.  Cranberry red and well made by Ethan Allen.  It was [...]

Time in a Bottle.

I had a dream last night that I was at a Jim Croce concert.  It was an outside venue like Star Lake, or whatever they are calling Star Lake these days.  I was sitting with Johnny on our  “concert blanket” swaying to the music.  Jim Croce was singing Time in a Bottle.  I have always loved [...]

Last day.

I hear Sadie moving around upstairs.  It is 6:30 a.m.  Today is her last day of high school.  I reminded her of this last night.  She didn’t want me to say it. Moving forward is a bit scary.  It is scary for all of us.  She is a wonderful girl and a wonderful student. This [...]

Decoration Day.

When I was a little girl, I remember my grandma calling Memorial Day, Decoration Day.  The day to decorate graves.  We would take geraniums and other flowers to the cemetery, and place them in the earth in front of the marble stone at my grandfather’s grave.  My dad and I would take Joe and Sadie [...]

Bucket thoughts.

Yesterday was another great day to float in the backyard bucket.  I did help John apply new stain to the deck, for a while.  The heat was intense. It is amazing how much I love spending time in that bucket of water.  While I was floating around I was thinking about how I felt in [...]

Prom Night.

Last night was Sadie’s prom.  Her date was Nick, her boyfriend.  They both looked great.  I loved seeing my girl all dressed up.  Growing up.  Where did the time go?  Speaking of time, this is a photo of me before my prom, 34 years ago.  I had a lot of hopes and dreams for that girl.  I have had many [...]

If you have nothing good to say, say nothing.

For the most part, I have been having, what I would call, “good days”.  Today, I slept in.  When I looked at the clock, it read, 9:51.  I don’t remember the last time I slept that late.  Sadie is already out of the house.  It is prom day.  Hair and nails are this morning.  I’m [...]

Giving back at Seton-La Salle. The Joseph Kimutis Memorial Kindness Scholarship

Last night John and I walked into the auditorium at Seton-La Salle High School.  The last time we were there we were listening to Joe singing in the choir.  He proudly sang his solo, “Catch the midnight train going anywhere.”  I was proud of Joe that night.  I was proud of Seton-La Salle.  It was a safe [...]

Thunderstorms and Rainbows

It is no secret that I am NOT a fan of thunderstorms. It all stems from my childhood.  While I was young, my grandmother, who was also not a fan, passed her fears on to me. Today, I live at the top of a hill.  On a sunny day, I can see for miles.  Fireworks [...]

A life on a quilt square.

Sunday afternoon, immediately following the CORE ceremony, we had a quilt dedication ceremony at The Caring Place.  The Caring Place is a support organization for grieving children and their families.  We attended ten sessions beginning last September and ending in February, with the making of a quilt square.  The square would become part of a quilt [...]