Another Craigslist find!

I was searching through the furniture department of Craigslist.  I wanted a television cabinet.  I wanted one that was not too tall so that I could put pictures and a lamp on the top.

BINGO!  I found the cabinet pictured below.  It is very nice.  Cranberry red and well made by Ethan Allen. 

It was not that simple for John.  That poor guy didn’t know what he was in for when I schlepped him to a mansion in Squirrel Hill.  Said cabinet was up two sets of stairs.  Did I mention that the cabinet is made from maple wood and is very heavy.

He didn’t blink and eye.  He and the homeowner managed to get it into the back of my Santa Fe without an inch to spare.

I am SO thankful that John doesn’t complain about how I decorate the house.  I like bright colors and I am constantly changing something.  John is okay with that.  John Rocks! 

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  1. Sue M. Says:

    Yes, John rocks! And you are a Craigslist PRO!