Decoration Day.

When I was a little girl, I remember my grandma calling Memorial Day, Decoration Day.  The day to decorate graves.  We would take geraniums and other flowers to the cemetery, and place them in the earth in front of the marble stone at my grandfather’s grave. 

My dad and I would take Joe and Sadie to that same cemetery to decorate my grandparents grave.  This year, I don’t have Joe or dad.  I am happy that the earthly skin that my boy shed when he moved on to a spirit life, is in a mausoleum.  It is never changing.  No weeds no weather.  The same 365 days a year. 

Dad with Sadie, Joe and geraniums.

I wanted daddy in the mausoleum with Joe.  I didn’t realize he had already purchased the headstone.  I wanted to visit both my son and dad at the same time.  I like to think of them as being together, on the other side.  I will take flowers to daddy.  I don’t like that you can’t plant in the earth in that cemetery.  I like rituals and traditions.  Live flowers in a vase are not the tradition. 

I bought geraniums and purple flowers for my house this year.  A little of dad and Joe.  Bob, my brother, gave me a few red geraniums that he bought at the greenhouse where my dad would get his flower cuttings.  Dad grew his own geraniums in his own greenhouse.

I miss my dad.  The strong smell of a geranium reminds me of dad.  I pray that he and Joe are together, doing what they liked to do best – laughing. 

Today, think of the soldiers who have died to protect our freedom.  Pray that we are one day able to say that this country is not at war.  

Think of your family who have moved on before you.  Pray for them.  And, if you can, place a geranium on a grave.

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