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Crafty Girl.

So, this is how my girl kicked off the start of her summer.  I love her creativity!  The walls of my house are lined with her creativity.  Many people like expensive paintings and artwork.  Me, I like anything made by my kids.  I only have a few things that were made by Joe.  He expressed [...]

50 Cent.

I have taken some heat over the years for my love of rap music.  No, I am not a fan of much of the lyrics, but, I am a fan of Eminem and 50 Cent, to name a few. 50 Cent was in a car accident this week.  His SUV was hit from behind.  He [...]

Rest In Peace Nora Ephron.

Nora Ephron died on Tuesday.  She was 71.  She is someone who has brought a great deal of joy to my life.  John and I love the movie, “When Harry Met Sally.”  We watch it each winter.  It was released the year we were married.  I also love “Sleepless in Seattle” and “You’ve Got Mail.” [...]

June 27th?!

Where did June go?  Today is June 27th.  It seems like last week that Sadie graduated from high school.  WOW!  I have one question.  Why doesn’t February go this fast?  When the snow is up over our ankles and the wind is blowing at record speeds, the shortest month of the year seems to go [...]

Worry Doll.

I have two young friends who live next door.  We have had the pleasure of watching them grow into two wonderful young people.  They are very important to us.  Recently, they gave me this worry doll. Firstly, I’m a sucker for anything in a sombraro.  But, I also love the concept of the worry doll.  This [...]

A sad afternoon.

Yesterday was a very rough day.  On the flight home from St. Louis I looked out the window as we flew through the clouds.  I prayed.  I knew that when I returned home, that John and I had to go to the funeral home.  Not just any funeral home.  The same funeral home and room [...]

Back to reality.

Last night was a lot of fun.  John and I attended a 50th anniversary party.  There was plenty of food, drink, music, dancing, and, most importantly – LOVE!  I saw people I have not seen in years.  I met new people.  I connected with Facebook friends who I had never met.  The experience – fantastic! [...]

Meet me in St. Louie.

John and I arrived in St. Louis last night.  At first I was not sure it was going to happen.  We went to the airport and saw that our flight was delayed for two hours.  While looking out the window I saw a plane that I thought was “tiny.”  I said to John, “I’m glad [...]

What to say? What to do?

Another family sends a son to Heaven.  The friends and neighbors left behind are at a loss.  What do you say to the family of people who have lost so much?  What do you do to help when you feel so helpless? I remember when we lost Joe.  Our neighbors swooped in on our house.  Food [...]

A Heartbreaking Loss.

Last night was a beautiful night to sit out on the deck.  John and I were enjoying time together when our neighbor called my cell phone.  She was not at home, but wanted to call me with news that she did not want us to hear on the news. Over the last eleven years we have become [...]