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A wonderful, purple wedding, Part 2

Back on July 9th I blogged about my nephew, Tom, and his new wife, Jessica, and their beautiful, purple wedding.  I asked Jessie if I could have her permission to post the thank you note that she sent to us.  On the day of their wedding, I asked Joe, as I walked into the church, to show me [...]

Messages from Joe and Dad. A visit with a medium, Mark Anthony.

I want to start by saying that this blog is deeply personal to me.  I debated whether or not I should share it.  However, I received healing from this encounter, and thought that others may find healing from it as well. Thursday, I received a message from a friend.  She told me about a man, Mark [...]

Purple connection at Marshalls.

Yesterday I went to Marshalls.  As I stood in the check-out line, I noticed that the woman in front of me was holding a purple vase.  I liked that vase.  A lot.  Marshalls is a lot like a flea market.  Usually, there are only one of each item.  Once it is gone, it is gone.  [...]

Let the games begin.

Last night was the opening ceremonies for the Olympics.  We love watching the Olympics at our house.  I enjoyed the show last night.  But, my favorite was Vancouver games.  K.D. Lang singing my favorite song, Hallelujah.  What I really like seeing is the world, coming together in Peace, if only for a short time.  If [...]


  Sadie and I in the pool in Sedona. As long as I can remember I have loved being in water.  As a small child I wanted a swimming pool so badly, that I remember climbing into a brand new metal trash can that my dad had just bought.  I carefully filled it up with [...]

Joe continues to help others. The ultimate gifts.

  A few weeks ago we received an envelope from CORE (Center for Organ Recovery & Education.)  Just the sight of the envelope made my heart heavy.  A reminder of loss. Inside the envelope was a letter and a thank you card.  The letter was from CORE.  It told us, that one of the many [...]

Fresh food.

Yesterday, Sadie and I went to a local farmer’s market.  John was not going to be home for dinner.  I asked Sadie what she wanted to eat for dinner and she said with a smile, “tomatoes.” We went to the market.  We bought tomatoes, zucchini, sweet corn and, for dessert, we bought banana bread from [...]


It is NO secret that my favorite source for shoes is Zappos.  How can it not be?  Yes, they are a great company that offers free shipping BOTH ways.  They have a wonderful selection of shoes.  AND, they are open 24 hours a DAY.  SO, when I’m up in the middle of the night, I head [...]


I am still trying to adjust back to the Eastern Standard Time.  When we were away we tried, as best that we could, to stay on “Pittsburgh time.”  We went to bed early and got up early, but, here I am, going to bed around 2:00 and sleeping until 9:00.  Speaking of time, I bought [...]

Angels in the restroom.

I was exhausted.  John, Sadie and I were waiting in the airport for our connection to return to Pittsburgh.  While I have enjoyed all of the travelling I have been doing this year, I was tired of flying. Our plane was to board in just a few minutes.  I told John and Sadie that I [...]