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Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween.  Halloween was always a big deal at our house.  One thing that was part of the Halloween celebration was pumpkin carving. I love the memories I have of my kids and John laughing as they carved their pumpkins.  Memories.  I will always have them. Trick or treating is Saturday in our neighborhood.  That [...]

The aftermath of Sandy.

We are fortunate here on Pin Oak Drive.  No damage.  The winds were very strong, but honestly, we have seen worse. Last night, we did see two large flashes in the sky.  Bright green flashes.  Other than that, things here were windy, but thank God, uneventful. Take a moment today to pray for those who [...]

Purple Rain. Thanks, Joe!

After a few days in the house, because of Hurricane Sandy, John and I went out to lunch.  We appropriately decided to eat at  Hurricane Grill.  As we were enjoying our lunch John commented on the music that was playing.  It was not good.  In my head, I said, “Okay, DJ Joe, help us out with the music.  It [...]

So Long, Florida.

Well, John and I are preparing for the drive to Orlando.  Then, our flight to Pittsburgh.  We have spent the last sixteen days on Hutchinson Island, Florida.  It has been wonderful in many ways. While John worked from here each day, I enjoyed the sun, the pool, water aerobics, the beach, and just life, out [...]

Remembering Christopher.

A year ago today, a wonderful and spirited seven-year-old boy left the planet.  At only seven, he has changed lives and left a mark on those he left behind.  I did not know Christopher.  In Joe’s passing, God gave me many gifts in exchange for my son.  One thing I have received is the gift [...]

No electric. Sandy’s not playing.

As many of you know, I am afraid of thunderstorms.  And, well actually, I am not crazy about wind either.  All day yesterday we were hearing about Hurricane Sandy.  Kid’s were being dismissed from school early.  Etc.  John and I walked to the beach.  I was thinking this tropical storm thing is no big deal.  A [...]

Hurricane Sandy

It is 6:18 a.m.  While it is still dark, I can see the shadows of the palm trees blowing.  And, I can hear the wind.  The winds are currently 25-35 mph.  Tonight the winds will be 45-65 mph.  Just last week I was saying that, while I hate thunderstorms, I really don’t like wind.  Living high [...]

Another dream.

Monday night, I again, dreamt about Joe.  Sadly, this was not a good dream for me.  But, I am sure, on some level, it was healing. I had a dream that I was with a small group of people.  Strangers. There were three or four of us.  We stood in line to get tickets to [...]

Death Is Nothing At All.

I had another dream last night and will share it soon.  However, when I got up and checked my emails, this poem had been sent to me.  I know that someone had shared it to me around the time of Joe’s passing, but everything was too new for me to remember. This is how I [...]

A visit from Joe.

I am very relaxed here, in Florida.  I have watched very little television.  I have spent most of my days outside and in water. Praying. Relaxed.   Because of those circumstances, I think I have allowed my brain to slow down.  Cleaning out the brain clutter has allowed me to have very, very, vivid dreams.  I have [...]