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Old friends and laughter.

Last night John and I met friends that we have not seen in decades.  Okay, that’s not true.  We have seen them, at funerals.  I think that is true about a lot of people.  I know it is in my life.  We all come together, family and friends, for weddings and deaths.  Many people came to [...]

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

WOW!  What an amazing day!  Our day began under a blanket of snow.  I wasn’t happy about waking up to snow yesterday, but now, it makes perfect sense to me.  I have always loved a beautiful snow day.  I even have a mug that I use, only on snow days.  Some of my favorite memories [...]

My son’s day.

It is six a.m.  Although it is still dark outside, I can see that my street is white and it is snowing.  I can tell that it has snowed at least 2-3 inches since I went to bed last night.  My prayers for no snow have gone unanswered.  I will keep telling myself that it will [...]

Baskets of kindness.

Tomorrow.  I am not thinking about much else.  The weatherman just said that the snow will begin tonight and continue through tomorrow.  He said to expect 2-4 inches.  I am praying for a miracle.  In case you haven’t been reading, tomorrow is our Second Annual Joseph Kimutis Memorial Fund Spaghetti Dinner. This is a picture of my [...]

For Good.

Yesterday, the snow and ice fell ALL DAY.  It was a good day to stay in the house.  I hope that is all the snow we get for a while.  Generally, I am excited for the snow.  However, I have been storming heaven with prayers that there is no snow on Saturday. Saturday is the [...]

Good neighbors.

Yesterday was a good day. I love when I can say that.  After opening our gifts, the doorbell rang.  Sadie and I went to the door, opened it, and smiled.  Standing outside stood our neighbors.  We are blessed. We live on a street with fifteen other houses.  Seven on each side, two in the cul-de-sac.  Trees [...]

God bless us, everyone.

Yesterday was a very nice day. The three of us celebrated Christmas with my family.  As we gathered at Bob and Sherrie’s house, my mind was filled with memories.  Just two years ago we had Joe and Dad there with us.  A bit of sadness tugged at my heart.  So much has changed in just [...]

Christmas in Heaven.

It is predawn early, Christmas Eve.  My prayer for the next few days, is that I focus on the sweet, and not on the bitter.  This is my first Christmas without my dad.  Second without Joe. I have too many friends who are celebrating their first Christmas since the passing of one of their children.  It [...]

Messages from my angel.

I have been reading a great book, Sea of Miracles, by Amy Oscar.  The book speaks of angels and spirit guides.  And, miracles.  Amy mentions that all you need to do is ask the angels and guides in your life for signs that they are with you, and, you will receive them. I’m no stranger [...]

The world continues.

So, the many years of hearing the message that the world would end on December 21, 2012, proved to be wrong.  All that energy of fright and fear, for nothing.  Good thing.  John and I were as prepared for the world ending yesterday as we were in 1999.  Do you remember all the hype back [...]