Purple, the angels favorite color.

I was in TJ Maxx on Thursday.  I needed to buy another suitcase.  I have a super large suitcase.  It is so big I could stuff a small child in it.  I also have a carry on suitcase.  I needed to buy one that was a size somewhere in between.

I am going to Florida on Wednesday.  My mother is down there and I will be staying with her for a few weeks.  Since I left a lot of my things in Florida on my last visit, I do not need a huge suitcase.

As you can probably guess, our suitcases are purple.  It only took me about two minutes to find a mid-size, purple suitcase.  I am not too picky.  The only feature that it MUST have is the four spinner wheels with 360 degree mobility (that is what the tag says on the suitcase).  It may sound like having spinning wheels is not a big deal, but, once you have spinning wheels, you don’t want a suitcase without them.  Trust me.

As I walked around TJMaxx, with my suitcase in my cart I saw a woman and her little daughter.

I heard the daughter say to her mother, “Look Mommy, that lady has a purple suitcase!  Can we get one?”

The mom replied, “We already have a suitcase.”

Her daughter looked at her and said, “Yeah, but it isn’t purple.  And, angels like the color purple the best.”

Nice.  The simple words of a child’s chatter.  Well, I know one angel who liked the color purple the best.

Happy Saturday.  Stay warm.

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  1. Michelle S. Says:

    So cool! Happy Saturday – enjoy the beautiful snow! :)