A new look.

Tuesday, I hit TJMaxx, HomeGoods and a few other stores.  I made a commitment to a comforter for our bedroom.  Yesterday, I picked paint colors, and will soon be painting. 

It is time.  My paint colors are Spring Cactus (Green) and Frosted Mulberry (purple).  Of course I can’t paint all four walls the same color.  I love a paint project.  A redo.  

John and I bought closet organizers from Easy Closet.   WOW!  What a difference.  While I was in Florida, he took everything out of our closet.  He painted the walls, and installed the (not so easy) Easy Closet, shelves and drawers.  They are wonderful!

When was the last time you took everything out of your closet?  I don’t think we have ever done it before.  I sorted, pitched and organized my clothes and shoes.  It is said that we wear 20% of our clothes 80% of the time.  I would say that I wear 5% of my clothes 99% of the time. 

I took a before photo of my closet (embarrassing).  I will take an after photo today.  I am excited to dip my new brush into a colorful bucket of paint.

Have a great day!

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