No luck.

I spent an hour in Joann Fabrics yesterday.  I came out empty-handed.  I was looking at the home decor fabrics.  There are two things that are important to me.  I need to find fabric with a smaller pattern and I need it to have five different colors that I can use in the paint for the walls.

Sadie and I were texting.  I was sending her pictures.  Getting her option.  I could not find anything that would work.  Ugh.  I am getting excited to change the walls.  Shake the place up a bit. 

I hate to say this, but I miss the Calico Corner store.  I’m not surprised that they are gone.  Six years ago, when I bought the material that is now my curtain valances, I had a “Pretty Woman” experience while shopping in their store.

You remember the scene, Julia Roberts character walks into a clothing boutique and the sales clerks treat her, well, badly.  No one wants to wait on her. They are not sure why she is there.  Well, that was me in Calico Corners.  I don’t mean it was me, like I was dressed like a prostitute.  I mean it was like me because the sales clerks ignored me and didn’t treat me well.  BUT, I must say, especially knowing that Nate Berkus now has a line of fabrics, I am missing that store.

Back to square one.  I got nothing.  I am itching to get my paint brush in a can.  But, it does not look like it is going to be this weekend.

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