Turning it around.

Is it really still winter?  I know that I was in Florida for two weeks.  So, I know that I should not be complaining, BUT, I am sick of winter.  I’m over it. 

Snow is blowing in the air as I write this.  The wind is howling.  The sky is gray.  No sun. 

I am noticing that there is a direct connection, for me, between not feeling well physically and not feeling well mentally.  With that said, yesterday I didn’t feel well in either category.

Today, I am feeling much better physically.  SO, I am making a purposeful effort to feel well mentally.  Here is what I know.  Only I have the power and ability to turn things around for myself.  We all get a new chance to have a good day, every twenty-four hours.  We are what we think.  Today, I am going to think that today is a great day.  I am going to think I am blessed.  I am going to turn my attention to only the thoughts and feelings that fill me up.  

I know that if we only say one prayer in our lives, and, that prayer is to say thank you, we have said enough.  Today I am going to be thankful.


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