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God’s Plan.

  God’s Plan God has a plan for all of us, that much I now know. For when He shut our door, He opened a window. A window that led from Heaven, straight to your little bed. His plan became quite clear to me, when I touched your little head. It was then that I [...]


I woke this morning and looked at the clock, 6:06.  I smiled.  A sign, already.  Joe’s favorite number – 6.  Two years ago today, I hugged my son, kissed his cheek, told him I loved him, and then watched his smiling face as he walked cheerfully down the front walk. Nearly twenty years earlier, we [...]

Happy birthday, to me.

I have always loved the sun, water and standing with my feet in the sand.   Today is the first day of the rest of my life.  I remember back in the 80′s that saying was everywhere.  Today, it applies to me.  The last two years have been a bit foggy to me.  Don’t get me [...]

An evening of women.

Last night I had a book club meeting at my home.  There were six of us here.  I met two of the women for the first time, and I must say they already feel like friends to me.  Some people are intimidated to meet new people.  Not me.  I love it.  I always learn something I didn’t [...]

St. Theresa.

I am under the weather this morning.  Mentally and physically.  I do not have my own words to write.  It is a day to call in someone bigger than myself.  The Prayer of St. Theresa. May today there be peace within. May you trust God that you are exactly where you are meant to be. [...]

Under the weather.

I have had a few goals for this month.  Live in the moment, keep busy, pray a lot, appreciate every minute and stay healthy.  I fell short on the last one. Earlier in the month I had a cold.  Now I have a respiratory infection.  I am smart enough to know that illness starts first [...]

Happy Birthday, Sadie!

My girl is 19 today.   It is hard to believe that it has been 19 years since we walked into the nursery at St. Joseph’s Hospital, Burbank, California, and saw our tiny daughter for the first time. Adopting our children was clearly the smartest decision I have made in my life.  That tiny baby, only 6 pounds, has now [...]

Neighbors and friends.

Last night we spent the evening with our neighbors.  Ten of us gathered around a restaurant table.  We enjoyed food, spirits and most importantly, each other. Our street is small, just sixteen homes.  Our own tiny little community.  The winter and the wind seem to keep all of us in our homes, so it was [...]

Daddy. Gone one year.

Today, it is one year since I had my last conversation with my dad.  My dad was an awesome man.  A wonderful dad.  I think about my dad every day. During that last conversation, I crawled into the bed with him.  I hugged him as best I could, his tiny frame, frail.  I told him everything I wanted [...]

A demonstration for peace.

This is a photo of Sadie taken ten years ago.  She is in Oakland with her homemade sign.  A sign for peace.  She and John were part of the peaceful demonstration protesting against the start of what is now a decade of war. It is hard to believe that our country has been “at war” [...]