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Small Business Saturday.

Well, many people have bought a LOT of Christmas presents at this point.  I’m thinking those working at the corporate headquarters of Target, Walmart, etc., are very happy. Today is small business Saturday.  Today is the day to support the small businesses in your area.  Personally, I love buying gifts from the people who made [...]


I posted this last holiday season.  I thought about this video again yesterday.  It touches me every time I see it. Happy Friday!


If today was Thanksgiving in 1970, I would be waking up to the smell of a turkey cooking.  I would jump out of bed and be excited to sit and watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving parade with my grandma.  I LOVE parades!  As a child I marched in a lot of parades.  I was a baton [...]

In the quiet.

The season begins tomorrow.  Busy schedules, kid’s home from school, decorating, cooking, spending time with family, etc. etc. etc. STOP!  Take a deep breath.  Find a quiet corner in your house.  Maybe it is during the pre-dawn hour or late at night, but find a little time each day.  Sit quietly.  It is during that [...]

Safe travels.

It is snowing.  A lot.  Today is a day of travel for most college students.  I have tried to remove the word “worried” from my vocabulary, but it may be a word I would use today. My girl is coming home today.  I am looking forward to this weekend.  The weatherman just said that tonight [...]

One month.

I just noticed that today is November 25th.  One month until Christmas.  30 days.  I know that I was out of town for two weeks, but November sure did fly by.  If I think about it, I could work myself into a panic attack.  Between now and Christmas there is Thanksgiving, Mama’s birthday, the birth [...]

A must see.

Sometimes you see a video and it sticks in your head.  The following video did that to me. Have a wonderful Sunday.    

Back to reality.

Yesterday was our last day on Hutchinson Island.  We will be heading back to Pittsburgh this morning.  Although I love coming here, love being able to unplug from my life, I am ready to go home. The day before yesterday, the weather here was wet.  It rained nearly all day.  This is the picture of the seventh green [...]

Remembering Kennedy.

Today is the 50th anniversary of the shooting of President John F. Kennedy.  Struck down.  Murdered in front of his wife and the country.  Horrific. Last year John, Sadie and I were in Dallas Texas visiting relatives and attending a wedding.  A group of us went to Dealey Plaza.  I was hesitant about going.  I didn’t know [...]

Children’s Grief Awareness Day.

It is estimated that 73,000 children die every year in the United States.  Of those, 83% have surviving siblings.  1.5 million children are living in a single-parent household because of the death of one parent. Today is Children’s Grief Awareness day. The symbol of Hope for awareness of the grief of children, is the butterfly.  This [...]