Joe and Jesus.

I am constantly talking to Joe. Lately, I have been asking, “Joe, what are you doing now?” It is my belief that in Heaven, we continue to learn lessons and work on our soul development.

I imagine that Joe is able to spend time with my dad.  I have a level of comfort in knowing that they are there for each other.

First thing this morning, I turned on my computer.  My Facebook page was on my screen.  This is the first thing that I saw.

Holy cow.  I love this drawing. I immediately thought about the photo of Joe sitting in the backyard.  A photo taken as part of his high school senior pictures.

As time continues to move forward, my belief becomes stronger that life after life really does exist.  I have read just about everything on this subject.  I find great comfort in this genre.  I have seen and heard too many stories of communication from those in spirit, to not believe.

Someone once said to me, “It is a good thing that you imagine that Heaven exists.  I guess life would be hard for you if you thought life ended at death.”  Well, yeah.

I love thinking of Joe sitting on a bench with Jesus.  That is exactly what I want to be thinking.  I wouldn’t want him to be anywhere else.








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  1. Pat Cronin Says:

    I believe we lived as spirits with Father and the Savior before we came to this earth to learn certain things that could only be learned by possessing an earthly body. When we depart this earth the learning does not stop, but rather continues at a different level because of what we learned during our earthly sojourn. I am certain that your son Joe has and will continue to have the opportunity to sit at the knee of our Heavenly Father and Jesus. I also believe with all my being that one day you will be reunited with Joe and all those you loved on earth that have gone ahead of you to Paradise.