More of the same.

I woke up this morning to the sound of metal hitting the front of the house.  On the news this morning, the weatherman said that the winds were up to 40 mph.  Yep, that sounds about right.  The wind has managed to pull a piece of trim, that was placed around the windows last summer, loose and it is now flapping loudly in the wind.

I spoke with my mom last night.  I told her that she would be getting her hair done today, since there was too much snow on the roads on Saturday.  She said, “When am I going to Florida?”

I told her she would be leaving on Wednesday.

Her words, ‘The sooner I get out of here, the better.”

I would have to agree.

Stay warm.





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  1. Judy Kinnee Says:

    Michael can fix your flapping aluminum. I will tell him . He is installing a washroom today but I will send him up tomorrow. If he can there later this afternoon I will have him call you.