My bird must fly.

The sky is bright blue and the sun is rising boldly over the hill.  Sunshine is pouring in all of the windows across the back of my house.  It is so lovely.  Okay, I can’t have everything.  The outdoor thermometer shows that the temperature is -4, and that is without the wind chill.  BUT, it is beautiful!  It is a snow day mug kind of day.

Today is the day that Sadie goes back to college.  It has been so wonderful having her in the house.  She has been home since early December.  We enjoyed watching movies and the Bachelor.  We enjoyed baking and shopping.  We enjoyed talking and snuggling.

Now, it is time for my bird to fly.  She will drive back to Seton Hill University and start classes once again.  A friend of mine asked me if I am sad that Sadie is going back to school.   My answer is no.  I love having her home, but being in college and moving forward with her life is exactly where she should be.  I would not want to send her back to school with anything but good thoughts and positive energy from her mama.  Life is moving forward, as it should.

Good luck, Sadie!



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