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I had a dream last night.  I was walking through the aisles in the garden department at Home Depot.  I love Home Depot and Lowes.  I feel close to my dad when I see all the building materials and smell the lumber. I enjoy going to home improvement stores in Florida.  The garden departments contain [...]

Memories in the quilts.

I have always loved quilts.  Back in 1976, for my parent’s 25th wedding anniversary, my mom had a red, white and blue quilt by an Amish woman. I loved the colors, the textures and the fact that since my parents were married on July 4th, that it was a great gift. I now have that [...]

From winter to spring.

I looked out the window this morning.  It is snowing.  There is snow on the roof tops.  Snow on the street.  Since returning from Florida on Friday, the weather here has been nice.  Well, nice for Pittsburgh standards.  We had a brief glimpse at Spring.  It has been great.  Of course, it is still February [...]

Mother Teresa.

A friend of mine posted this on Facebook this week.  I have always loved this poem and feel that it is a good reminder to all of us to continue to, do it anyway. Mother Teresa’s Anyway Poem People are often unreasonable, illogical and self centered; Forgive them anyway. If you are kind, people may accuse [...]

Being home.

It was nice returning to Pittsburgh this weekend.  We have been so busy that I did not really have a chance to spend any time at home.  My time with Sadie just seemed to have flown by.  She is back at Seton Hill for the next two weeks. After a few appointments today, I am [...]

Together for a cause.

Last night John, Sadie and I went to a benefit spaghetti dinner for a boy in our community.  The dinner was in the high school cafeteria where the boy is a student.  I would not be surprised if a thousand people walked through that door, ate and donated for this cause. There have been times [...]

Spontaneous joy.

Water aerobics happens every morning at the swimming pool.  On Thursday there was no leader, and the women were listening to an instructor on a CD.  The expressionless women were going through the motions.  That was until Catalina showed up.  She and her sister were on their way to work out in the gym.  Catalina [...]

Purple bracelet.

I was sitting at the pool yesterday.  A woman came over to me and said, “I notice that you always wear that purple bracelet with your Ocean Village bracelet.  I was thinking that it was probably a bracelet for someone that you love.  So last night I made you this purple bracelet.” So nice!  I [...]

Tell me about your son.

It was a beautiful day yesterday.  I was sitting at the pool when I began talking with the woman sitting next to me.  As it turned out, she is also from Pittsburgh.  We began talking about work and family.  She asked me how many children I have, and I told her what I tell everyone [...]

Giving thanks.

I saw this photo on my computer last night.  I have aged fifty years since this day.  Some things are still the same.  I still love the sunshine and the beach.  If I could sit this girl on my lap and talk with her, I would tell her to not spend the next fifty years [...]