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Three years an angel.

Life is about choices.  From the moment we wake up in the morning we are making decisions.  We make a decision, then we give power to those decisions by how we feel about them.  Today I am making the decision to feel only happiness and joy as I think about my son. Three years ago [...]

Joe, peacocks, and Grace.

I wrote a blog recently talking about a dream I had about my boy, Joe.  I had many people reach out to me with kind words.  Thank you for that.  I am okay and doing well.  Your messages made me cry.  One message really touched me.  It was posted as a comment on that blog.  [...]

My birthday wish.

It is early.  John is out for a long run.  Sadie, home for the weekend, is asleep upstairs.   I love the quiet moments in the morning.  The only sound, birds chirping outside. Today is my birthday.  While some may moan and groan about another year of aging, I embrace them.  They are a gift. We [...]

A DIY kind of day.

I am FINALLY starting to feel better.  I have spent the last four days, on the couch, hacking up a lung, with a temperature.  Last night, John and I went to Home Depot.  We bought paint and I’m ready to go. The kitchen cabinet doors are off.  My friends at the Shabby Chic Boutique are [...]

National Joe Day.

Today is National Joe Day.  You are to enjoy a cup of “Joe” with all of your friends named Joe, Jo, Jody, Joseph, Josephine, Josie, etc. When I was in the shower this morning I was thinking about my Joe.  I have not been feeling well for the last few days.  I now have wheezing [...]

Spontaneous appreciation.

John and I were sitting at the gate in the Orlando Airport.  John said, “I can hear people clapping.”  We stood up and turned around.  Coming towards us were two women wearing white shirts that said, “WELCOME HOME” on them.  They were carrying red, white, and blue balloons.  Between them was a soldier. As they got [...]

My baby girl is 20!

My girl is 20 today!  Two decades!  It is hard to believe it has been twenty years since John and I walked into St. Joseph’s hospital, in Burbank, California, and saw our baby girl for the first time.  Our tiny six pound baby has grown into a beautiful, 5’9″ woman. Sadie brings joy into my [...]

Royalty, Spirits and Guardian Angels.

After John and I arrived at the airport, I went to the restroom.  Walking there I was thinking about my dad and Joe.  John and I had just seen someone wearing a Slippery Rock shirt, which is always a reminder to us, of our Joe.  Another young girl, wearing a SRU shirt, sat at our gate.  Although [...]

Daddy, gone two years.

Today, it is two years since my dad transitioned to spirit. My dad was an awesome man.  He lived this 87 years, and one day, to the fullest.  A wonderful dad.  I think about my dad every day.  I see things that remind me of my dad all of the time. During that last conversation, I crawled [...]

Homeward bound.

It is time.  Time to pack it up, and go back to Pittsburgh.  Life here on this little island is worlds away from my life at home.  I exhale as we drive over the causeway to this island.  Breathe easy while I am here.  It is a simple life.  No worries. I always have mixed [...]