A nice day.

I had such a nice day yesterday! We went to mass, looked for baskets and enjoyed a day with my sister, Kathi, and her family.  As I watched my two great nieces, I thought about my own children at those ages.  It doesn’t seem all that long ago.  When you think about it, we really don’t have all that much time here on this planet.  And, the time we do have seems to fly by.

With only such a little time here, I think that there is probably something more I should be doing with my life.  When I sit quietly and open my mind, in prayer and meditation, I always see a row of books on a shelf.  That probably means one of two things, or both.  Perhaps I should read more books, or I should write another one.

Last week I ordered new books from Amazon.  Of course I read such odd books that I can’t find one of them at Barnes and Noble.  My summer reading is all lined up.  As for writing another book, I know that it is time.  I do love writing and I have been writing this blog every day for the last three years.  Honestly, this blog is therapy for me. Well, one form, at least.  I know that another book would be a huge release for me, but I am hesitant.

I know the subject and I know that it would not take me long to write the book.  But, like the earth in our gardens in spring time, my entire emotional being would need to be turned over and raked to do it.  I am not sure if I am strong enough for that, yet.

So, today, I will be thankful for such a great weekend.  And for dinner, we will enjoy leftover St. Louis BBQ!



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