Meet me in St. Louie.

It is quite early here in St. Louis.  John and his mom are still sleeping.  The birds, however, are having a concert, outside in the trees.  I love it.  We will be leaving for the airport in an hour.

This was a great visit.  We saw friends, went to a Pirates game, watched our niece graduate from college, and visited family.  Wonderful.  Even the weather cooperated.  I have been to St. Louis for some very bad storms.  Storms are not fun for me, so I am glad it was sunny and clear the last four days.

Since I was here last, Marlene had the big tree removed from her front yard.  In some ways I am glad.  I can’t imagine that tree without Joe in it.  Since he was quite a small guy, he would climb high into its branches.  Even on his last visit here in 2010, he disappeared in the tree.  If I have one I have fifty pictures that were taken in front of that tree.  This is one of the last.

I am thankful for my memories and the photographs that help me to remember.  I am blessed to have this mid-country family that I love so very much.  Life is good.  Have a great Sunday!






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