My DIY (with a lot of help from others) kitchen!

My before and after photos.

About a month ago we began the project of updating the kitchen.  And, by we, I mean me, John, my brother, Bob, and my friend and owner of Shabby Chic Boutique, Roberta Lacinski.

My thinking was that I wanted to have an updated kitchen on a tiny budget.  Of course that meant no granite, which was okay with me.  Most people have granite countertops these days, so I wanted something different.  Our current cabinets were in fine shape.  After all they were only 13 years old, but I was tired of the honey oak.

Roberta helped us by painting all of the cabinet doors.  I painted the bases and the drawers.  While I was painting, I was VERY thankful to have Roberta’s help.

It took an entire Sunday for John and Bob to cut and install the countertops and that VERY heavy sink.  It was also great to spend that day with my brother.

I just LOVE that the kitchen looks EXACLTY how I wanted it to look.  I am VERY thankful to Bob, Roberta and, of course, John, who I drag into all of my projects.

It is a good day.




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