Thank you.

Yesterday was a good day. John and I went to Barnes & Noble, REI and the movies. We saw Birdman which was a great movie. Michael Keaton definitely deserves being an Academy Award contender. While in Barnes & Noble I received a few texts talking about my morning blog. Friends who were checking on me to see if I was okay. I then checked my Facebook page and saw the many very nice comments.

Wow. Thank you very much. I never think about my blogs in advance. Honestly, I just write what I am feeling in that moment and hit the Publish key. I’m ashamed to admit that I often don’t even reread the blog, thus the reason you will often find typos. The entire process takes about ten minutes. I do that so that I don’t filter myself. If I did, I might not have published yesterday’s blog.

I am fine. Like anyone who has ever lost someone they love, I was having a moment. I was angry and sad. I wanted my boy. I am not alone. Sadly, I have many friends who have lost a child. Everyone I know, will at one time or another, know loss in some form. I am not unique.

We are all in the process of dying. I was thinking of this when I was looking for a book at Barnes & Noble. I saw a book on a table and I liked the cover. In the center was just one word, grace. I love that word. When I see a book that looks interesting, I open it to a random page and read it. I opened this little book and the page in front of me said this:

“When we finally know that we are dying, and all other sentient beings are dying with us, we start to have a burning, almost heartbreaking sense of the fragility and preciousness of each moment and each being, and from this can grown a deep, clear, limitless, compassion for all beings.” – Sagyal Rinpoche, writer and authority on Buddist teachings.

Well, I just loved that. I always say that when God took my son he left me with the knowing that life can change, without warning, in a second. That knowledge has been a gift to me. I appreciate people and moments in a way that I did not before Joe’s passing.

If you sent me a message or wrote a comment or email, thank you. Your kindness means so much to me. I don’t like the moments when I sit in sadness. Honestly, Joe would not like that either. So, I take a deep breath and step into another day. Life is good.

All is well.


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