White memories.

I’m sitting at my dining room table with a view of the street and my neighbor’s house. Although I doubt we will see the sun, it is slowly becoming daylight. I can see that it is snowing because the flakes are illuminated by our lamp post. It is beautiful.

This is our first big snowfall of the season. I have always loved the snow. With that said, by this time last year I was sick of winter. Last year was rough. I think that I love snow storms because I have wonderful memories. My early memories of sled riding and school cancelations are from when I was a kid. My mom would make hot chocolate and we would play outside for hours.

We had a big snowfall back in 1993. It was Joe’s first time outside in the snow. Here we are in our front yard. Looking at this photo I am now noticing we are both wearing purple. Interesting.

When the kids were small we would sit together and watch for delays and cancelations. We would cheer and dance around when we saw the word CLOSED next to their school district. We would bake cookies and watch movies, staying in our pajamas all day.

My most recent snow day memory was in 2010. I remember the newscaster saying that starting around 1:00 p.m. it would begin snowing and conditions would be “potentially paralyzing” by days end. I think it was a Friday. I told John that I was going to go to the store because I was sure that we would have a house full of hungry teenagers. I stocked up. I thought about the kids, then I thought about the adults. I went to the beer distributor and the Wine & Spirits store. If we were going to be stuck up here on Mt. Crumpit we were going to make the best of it.

True to his word, it began snowing. It didn’t quit until two feet of snow covered the ground. As I thought we had an extra teenager who was stuck here for three days. It was SO fun! I loved watching my kids playing in the snow like they were little children. They had never seen two feet of snow at one time. I snapped a few pictures. Even then I knew I wanted to remember everything.

I love that you can barely see Joe’s car buried in the snow in the background. We invited the neighbors to our house for a party. We played the movie Ice Age for the kids. Good times. Great memories.

Have a wonderful and white snowy day!





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