A visit from my daddy.

Last night I had the most extraordinary dream about my dad. It has been a very long time since I have had a dream about him. I was in my childhood living room. My cell phone rang and it was my dad. “Hi Suz, go into your bedroom. I have a surprise for you there.”

I got up from the couch and walked into my old bedroom. Sitting on the bed was my daddy. He was wearing an old flannel shirt, a pair of Chino work pants and work boots. His hair was thick and black. He looked exactly how I remember him. I went to hug him, but he put his hand out to stop me saying, “I can’t do that.”

He began talking about where he is now. He proudly showed me his hands, which had a small amount of dirt under his nail. “I work in the gardens and Suz, you have never seen gardens like this on earth.”

He talked about how he is always around everyone and said he wanted me to watch a movie. I turned my head to the wall and could see, projected next to where I was sitting, home movies. There were clips of different events in mine and my families lives. In each one, there was dad, sitting off to the side, observing.

I began to cry and told him I miss him so so much. I asked him about God and he said, laughing, “Well, God does not care if you eat meat on Friday’s. Life is wonderful. There is no pain here, my back feels like I’m thirty. You should see your mother!”

I began to cry saying, “Dad I miss you, Mama and Joe so much.” He shook his head, “Honey, I know you miss us, but we really are all still right here. AND, you already know that. Tell everyone we are still around. Tell everyone about the movie I showed you. That all of us are never very far away.”

My dad stood and danced in a circle pointing at his back acting silly like he always did. “See, good as new. Remember, I love you, but now I must go. Suz, watch your step.”

He waved and said, “So long,” and he was gone.

I woke up.

I am so grateful for that dream. As March is approaching I always feel a sadness in my heart. My dad’s birthday was March 21st. He died the next day. Not only that, March is the month that Joe left, and it will only be a year on March 13th since my mama is gone.

My heart feels a bit lighter today. My dad would often say to me, “Who is always there for you in your hour of need?” That was true today.

Thank you, daddy.





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