Joe in the dining room.

Yesterday, my sister and her granddaughter stopped at my house. My great niece is just so cute that I want to be a stereotypical old aunt and pinch and kiss her cheeks. Little Riley came in and sat on the floor. Kathi and I were talking when Riley pointed into the dining room and said, “There is a boy in there.”

Kathi and I looked at each other, wide eyed. Kathi asked Riley what color hair the boy had and she said, “brown.” We continued to talk and Riley continued to say, “There is a boy in there.”

When Kathi was leaving, Riley sat up on my lap to say good-bye. From that spot she was able to see the top of the television armoire. She smiled and pointed to two photos of Joe and said, “That’s the boy!”

I said, “That boy is Joe.” Riley smiled. When she was leaving she said good bye to me, and good bye to Joe.

I told her mama, Katie, what had happened. Katie sent me this text:

“Riley said that Joe was standing and smiling, and he was wearing a blue shirt. I asked if he was talking to her and she said no. I asked if he was laughing and she said no, he was smiling. I asked her who he was smiling at and she said, Riley.”

Well, there you have it. I have always thought babies and small children seem to be looking at and seeing people that our earthly minds have shut us off from seeing. I believe the next life is as close as our dining rooms.

When I talk to Joe now I often ask him what he is doing. In a dream a long time ago, he told me he works with the children. I believe that. Below is the blog that I wrote when little Riley was born. I get a lot of peace in my heart knowing that there is a boy in the dining room.

What do you think?

Joe makes a special delivery.

I debated sharing this story.  While it is deeply personal to me, it is also deeply personal to other people.  As you may know, I have no problem sharing my life, but I do respect the privacy of others.  With that said, the following events were too powerful to not share.

Last Tuesday my sister, Kathi, was talking to Joe.  As we all do, we pray to Joe so that he can act as an intercessory.  She was talking to him about the new baby her daughter, Katie, was due to have on December 15th.  While she was talking to him she saw a very clear image of Joe.  He was wearing a white t-shirt, typical of Joe, and he was holding a tiny baby.  The baby was wrapped in a blanket.  Her small hand, all fingers wrapped around just one of Joe’s, was showing.  A full head of black hair covered her head.  Joe smiled and nodded.

Kathi was overcome with emotion.  She smiled and continued to talk with Joe.  She told him that it would be great if the baby could arrive earlier than the December 15th due date.  She joked with him saying December 6th (6 was Joe’s favorite number) or December 10th (His birthday was October 10) would be great days.

Kathi shared this story with me.  I was not surprised.  While Sadie and I were baking cookies on Saturday, I told her Aunt Kathi’s story.  Sadie was not happy with those dates.  She was leaving for college the next day, December 1, and would not be returning home again until December 13th.  I laughed and told her she needed to let her brother know that she wanted the baby to be born when she was at home.

Saturday night I had a lot of trouble sleeping.  I woke at 4:00 and tossed and turned before returning to sleep.  I had a very vivid dream.  I was standing in my grandmother’s living room at her house in Mt. Oliver.  The house looked exactly as I remembered it from when I was a small child.  A noise caught my attention, and I walked to the bottom of the steps.  I could see a silhouette of someone standing upstairs.  Although I could not see his face, I knew who it was.  As long as I live I will never forget the outline of his broad shoulders and perfect posture.  I said, “Joe is that you?”

Once I got to the top of the steps, he was gone.  The house was so quiet, except for the sound of a tiny noise coming from the bedroom.  I slowly pushed the door open.  Although the room was dark, there was just enough light from the street lamp coming through the window, so that I could see the outline of a baby crib in the corner.

I woke up.  I didn’t move.  I said to myself, “Joe, what was that?  Is the baby coming soon?”  I sat up in bed and then went downstairs.  I notice that I had two missed text messages.  I looked at the clock, 8:00.  My sister sent me a text at 7:30 “ARE YOU UP”  and one at 7:55 “KATIE WENT INTO LABOR, GOING TO THE HOSPITAL”.

Again, I was not surprised.  To me the dream meant that Joe was letting me know that he was helping the baby to arrive safely.

When Sadie woke up I told her about my dream and that Katie was at the hospital.  Kathi continued to give us updates.  At 11:58 our home phone rang.  No one was there and ”NO DATA” were the words on the caller i.d.  At 11:59 my cell phone rang.  Again, no one.

John, Sadie and I all looked wide eyed at each other, laughing.  We couldn’t believe it.  I said, “I bet she just had the baby.”  At 12:10 Kathi called and said that the baby had arrived and that both she and Katie were fine.  I asked, “What time was she born.”  She replied, “Some time around noon.”

I thought to myself, I bet that Riley will weigh 6 pounds.  Joe’s number.  A final confirmation.

Well, an adorable little girl, Riley Kay, arrived from Heaven at 11:48 a.m on December 1.  You should not be surprised to hear that she weighed in at 6.66 pounds.  And, yes, she has a adorable head covered in black hair.

Sadie, John and I were able to visit with them Sunday afternoon since Riley arrived while Sadie was at home.

Could all of these things just be a series of events strung together to make a wonderful story?  Sure.  Do we all think that it is much more than that?  Certainly.  This is a confirmation to all of us that even though our loved ones who have passed are no longer here, we are all still very much connected.

Thank you, Joe, for the most special delivery.





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  1. Kathy Auth Succop Says:

    I truly believe all of the events described here were much more than just a nice story. I dont know the story of how your son died but I have read your posts and prayed for you. I have also read many books written by people who died and then came back to life. Their stories are so similar and they describe people they meet in heaven that they would have no other way of knowing. The best of them was a series of books written by a Hospice nurse who was often with patients as they transitioned into eternal life. Many times they would start speaking to people who preceeded them in death. Often they saw these people as well as they were dying. I know your grand niece truly saw Joe. I am thankful he is comforting you~!