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Joseph Kimutis 10/10/91-3/31/11

I am finding it very hard to sleep. I’m exhausted. I know, that somewhere deep inside of me the cells of my body remember the trauma that was this day. Five years ago this morning, John, Sadie and I returned home from the hospital without our Joe. No sleep for any of us. We had [...]

Five years an angel.

This morning I am thinking about my son, Joe. It is five years today that my son walked out the front door, smiling and laughing. I don’t know why, but I turned around from where I was sitting to watch him. My last words to him, “I love you, Jody.” That was the last time [...]

Birthday thoughts.

It is my birthday. Today, I am 56. This is a photo of me when I was a little girl. Even back then I loved the beach. I looked back at the blog I wrote four years ago. I still work every day at staying in the moment. This is my blog from March 29, [...]

National Joe day

Yesterday was National Joe day. NATIONAL JOE DAY Enjoy a cup of “joe” with all of your friends named Joe, Jo, Joey, Joseph, Josephine, Johanna, Joann, Jodie or any variant of the name Joe every year on March 27th, National Joe Day. On this day National Joe day has a few different versions as to [...]

Happy Easter.

Happy Easter! Easter means many things to people.  As a child, it was a day that we sold flowers at “Tischler Flower Market” located on the corner at my grandmother’s house in Mt. Oliver.  I found a hidden basket, got a new dress and hat and went to Mass. In later years, with my own [...]

Money from heaven.

Yesterday was Sadie’s birthday. She and I ran a few errands in the morning. I asked Sadie to go into the bank and make a deposit for me. I was thinking about Sadie and I began talking with Joe while I was in the car. I glanced at the time, 10:10. I asked Joe to [...]

Happy birthday my sweet girl!

My girl is 22 today.   It is hard to believe that it has been 22 years since we walked into the nursery at St. Joseph’s Hospital, Burbank, California, and saw our tiny daughter for the first time. It was love at first sight. Adopting our children was clearly the smartest decision we have made in my lives.  That [...]

St. Joseph

I overslept this morning. I woke at 9:47. My Thursday morning bowling league starts at 9:30. So, I’d say I missed that. Sleep is awkward for me lately. I go to bed late, wake up, wide awake in the middle of the night, and I’m tired and sleeping in the morning when I should be, [...]

Daddy…Person of Interest.

This was the man. My daddy. Daddy – Chosen as a “Person of Interest” in his community. Category: Uncategorized Businessman sets example with his generosity. By Mary Pickels, TRIBUNE-REVIEW Monday, March 26, 2012     Robert J. Tischler Submitted   Mary Pickels is a Tribune-review staff writer and can be reached at 724-836-5401 or via e-mail.   In [...]

Four years ago today…

Four years ago today, the day after his birthday, my daddy died. This was my blog from that time. If you have parents on this planet, call or visit them today. Rest In Peace, my sweet Daddy. Category: Uncategorized My heart breaks again.  God has taken another love from my life.  Just one day after his [...]