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A new beginning.

Summer has begun! Two weeks ago, when I had my family to our house to celebrate Sadie graduating from college, it was snowing in our swimming pool. We just returned from 10 days in California. As we turned to drive down the street we immediately noticed that even the trees seemed to have more leaves [...]

Decoration day.

When I was a little girl, I remember my grandma calling Memorial Day, Decoration Day.  The day to decorate graves.  We would take geraniums and other flowers to the cemetery, and place them in the earth in front of the marble stone at my grandfather’s grave. My dad and I would take Joe and Sadie [...]


SO happy to wake up in my own bed this morning. I slept until 10:20! I have not done that since I was a kid. I wonder how long it is going to take me to adjust to the time difference?  Our time in California will be unforgettable. While I love to travel, I always [...]

Homeward Bound.

It is 3:00 a.m. I am up a bit earlier than necessary, but I always have trouble sleeping the night before a flight. Our wonderful trip to California is coming to an end. We will be on our way to the airport at 4:30 a.m. Today is a long day of travel ending with a [...]

A sign from Joe.

This is our last day in California. It has been a wonderful ten days. Yesterday, as we walked around Sausalito, I was thinking about my son, Joe. I had not asked for a sign from him on this entire trip. The small shops and view of San Francisco were wonderful. Sadie said to John and [...]


Spend the day in Napa Valley. We visited a winery called Del Dotto. I am not really much for drinking wine, but, I thought I would be a good sport and try it. The wine was kept in caves that were only slightly lit and had well-placed candles. It was lovely. Our guide, Eric, would [...]

The address of God.

We woke early yesterday. Drove to Big Sur, Pacific Grove and now we are in Napa. Holy cow. There are a lot of beautiful sights to see on this coast. For a long time, Sadie has been talking about going to a beach where she can find sea glass. She can check that off her [...]


Yesterday we drove the 300 mile north of Los Angeles to the town of Carmel. During that time in the car I came to realize just how tiny my world really is. We saw hills and mountains.We saw fields of produce and the workers picking the crops. We saw the beautiful Pacific ocean. I have [...]

Good-bye, City of Angels.

We leave Los Angeles today. I always leave this city better than when I entered it. It is my second love. It is where both of my children were born. We saw so many things. We reconnected with people we love. We spent time together. Sadie saw where she was born and met the woman [...]

What a day.

Yesterday was a another huge day! We began early, meeting John’s high school friend and his wife. They live in California and were our wonderful tour guides for the day. We began at the Dolby and Chinese theaters, then on to Santa Monica, Venice and Malibu. Having dinner, in Malibu, on the beach, and watching [...]