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Kimutis Halloween.

Today is Halloween.  John took it upon himself to buy the candy bars for the trick or treaters that will come to our house tonight. John is not a “fun size” candy bar kind of guy.  Full size bars are more his speed.  Go big or go home, I guess.  Here is John with loot. [...]

Pack it up.

It is time to get the suitcase out of the attic. Time to head south for a while. I am looking forward to blue, sunny, warm skies. I am so very grateful that Hurricane Matthew spared us his ugly wrath. I miss my friends and my peaceful little island. My suitcase will be full of [...]

National American Beer Day.

Yesterday was National American Beer day. This photo was taken at the end of our tour of the Anheuser-Busch brewery about nine years ago. I have always been a fan of Bud Light. National American Beer Day is observed annually by beer drinkers across the nation on October 27. There are more than 2,100 breweries that manufacture [...]

Book club.

Last night was my book club meeting. It has been a long time since we all got together. It was nice. I loved spending time with these ladies. We discussed the book, shared good food, drinks and laughs. I enjoyed relaxing in my friend’s beautiful home. It is said that your life will improved by [...]

Archangel Raphael.

Recently, a friend told me about Archangel Raphael. I have been having some health issues and she thought that through prayer I could find my answers and a solution. I had never heard of Archangel Raphael. I found this information very informative and wanted to share with you. Who is Archangel Raphael? Archangel Raphael is the [...]

National Pumpkin Day.

Today is National Pumpkin day. By October 26th, we in a frenzy of pumpkin obsession. We cannot wait for the big November holiday for pumpkin pie.  No siree, we need pumpkin ev-ery-thing! Bars, cookies, coffee, cheesecake, pasta and oatmeal.  Pumpkin Chunkin’, pumpkin patches, festivals, bake-offs and television specials. Let’s not forget jack-o-lantern carving, too! This [...]

Bridge over troubled water

Bridge Over Troubled Water When you’re weary, feeling small When tears are in your eyes, I’ll dry them all (all) I’m on your side, oh, when times get rough And friends just can’t be found Like a bridge over troubled water I will lay me down Like a bridge over troubled water I will lay [...]


I am having some health issues and could use prayers today. Thank you.  

Joseph Kimutis Fund donates $1,000 to Helping Hands.

The Joseph Kimutis Memorial fund has donated $1,000 to the organization, Helping Hands, through St. Barbara Church. Our donation last year to this organization: Helped to provide assistance to area fire victims. Helped to purchase Christmas gifts for families in need. Purchased fabric to make blankets for a Dialysis Clinic and the American Cancer Society. [...]

Dropping temperatures.

I know that over the last few weeks we have had unseasonably warm temperatures. I think that may have come to an end. Before my feet hit the floor this morning, I could feel that every joint and muscle in my body is aching. The house is cold. It took me a while but I [...]