Kimutis Halloween.

Today is Halloween.  John took it upon himself to buy the candy bars for the trick or treaters that will come to our house tonight.

John is not a “fun size” candy bar kind of guy.  Full size bars are more his speed.  Go big or go home, I guess.  Here is John with loot. One trip to the store was not enough. He was concerned he would not have enough candy and returned for more.

We live on a small street with sixteen houses.  We are high on a hill, somewhat isolated from foot traffic.  If we see twenty kids, we have seen a lot.  We will also be handing out treats at our house on 6th Avenue in Carnegie. Since this will be the first time we do that, he is prepared. Prepared for 100 kids in costumes.

SO, who do you think will be eating those full size bars?  Now, that is food for thought.

The kids who live on our street are given the special treats. GIANT size bars. By now John knows what is the favorite candy of each child and he delivers.

Halloween was always a big deal at our house.  One thing that was part of the Halloween celebration was pumpkin carving.

I love the memories I have of my kids and John laughing as they carved their pumpkins.  Memories.  I will always have them.

The kid’s always loved dressing up for Halloween.  I remember the year that Joe just HAD to be a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle.  The turtles were not “in” at that time.  There were no turtle costumes in the stores, and I wasn’t able to sew one.  Luckily, I found this costume at a resale shop.

He wore that costume long after Halloween was over.  He even wore it to the grocery shopping more than once.  Sadie was always cute.  Clown or princess or Barbie.  Well, until a few years ago when I received a text that contained the following photo:

She always has loved haunted houses.  I have NOT.  While in college she was a zombie in a haunted house.

This was Joe when he was a little guy.

Years later, Joe’s football number was six.

I look back on all of the Halloween memories.  I am blessed.  I have so many memories.  I hope it doesn’t rain tonight.  There is not a better sound than the sound of children giggling as they run from door to door collecting candy.

Have a wonderful Halloween.  Enjoy making your own memories.









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