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What a year.

This was some year! Last year on this day I was very excited to begin the new year. I was so looking forward to our next adventure, gutting and remodeling a 4,000 square foot old house. After our closing on January 7th, we began the seven month adventure. It was hardwork, rewarding, exhausting and in [...]

Auld Lang Syne

I really like the song Auld Lang Syne. It is a Scottish song that means “time gone by”. It is a song about friendship and staying connected to the people that we love. I first heard James Taylor’s version in the movie and then bought his Christmas album. If you haven’t heard it, here it [...]

Debbie Reynolds, the mama.

Debbie Reynolds died. While she and her son were making the funeral arrangements for her daughter, Carrie Fisher, she suffered a stroke. Before that happened she said to her son, “I miss her so much. I want to be with Carrie.” The human spirit is a strong thing. The will to leave and the will [...]

So long, George Michael.

George Michael died. I was surprised to hear that news. The only information is that he “died peacefully at home.” I love his catalog of music. When I lived in Virginia it was his music that made that trip back and forth from Pittsburgh bearable. I made that trip home often. However, my favorite song [...]

Sadie’s birthmother.

When you are unable to give birth to a biological child and you want to become a parent, you count on the kindness and selfless love of another woman. In my case, one of the selfless women who chose life when society presented other options to her was Laura. This is Laura. Laura gave birth [...]

Quiet moments.

It is early. I am the only one up. I lit the tree and put a kettle on the boil. I love the day after Christmas. It is a day of rest and no expectations. It is a day to take deep breaths and enjoy quiet moments. I will count my blessings today. There are [...]

Christmas dream

I was hoping to have a dream about Joe last night. I didn’t. Then I remembered the first Christmas after Joe died. I asked him for a dream that Christmas Eve as well. This is the blog for that Christmas morning. I want to share a dream with you. My friend had this dream on [...]

Loss and the holidays.

Thirty years ago this morning I received a phone call from my mother. My grandma, my dad’s mother, had died. Just one year earlier, on Christmas morning, my other grandma had died. It is hard to believe that all of these years have gone by. I think of these two strong women this time of [...]

Sadie and her tree.

For many years I had an obsession with Christmas trees. Each year we would take the kids to a tree farm and cut down a real tree. On that tree we hung the traditional ornaments that we collected over the years. We had a tree in the kitchen, dining room and the kid’s each had [...]

The magic of music.

I saw the following video and was brought to tears. Music is so magical. It can dust off a part of our heart and soul that nothing else can touch. I believe singing and music have healing powers. 10-year old Kaylee Rodgers from Northern Ireland has a voice that is being heard around the world. [...]