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I saw this poem yesterday. It was written by an 8th grade. Oh, wouldn’t it be nice. I DREAM OF A WORLD OF PEACE I dream of world peace, Where all beings can live a life of ease. A world where there is no difference between the rich or poor, Life being pleasant forever more.  [...]

Feng Shui and clutter

I am STILL removing the clutter and unnecessary “stuff” from our house. Every drawer and closet. Sadie came over to the house this weekend and I had another pile of stuff for her to sort. I am on a roll! It feels so so good to get rid of the things that I no longer [...]

My story.

Each morning I wake up, come downstairs and write my thoughts for the day. Today is my 2,052 blog. It is a habit now. Honestly, I never think in advance about what I am going to write. It is just a steady stream of consciousness. I don’t think about who is going to read my [...]

Mary Tyler Moore.

Mary Tyler Moore died. I remember watching her show back in the 70s. I LOVED her apartment. I remember thinking that one day I would have my own apartment and I would have a big “S” on the wall. When I was 23 I moved into my first apartment on the second floor of an [...]

A big step.

Yesterday John and I sat down and went through the boxes and containers of things that were Joe’s. We sorted through trophies, notebooks, scraps of papers, ties, band t-shirts, ball caps, ticket stubs, CDs and his Calvin and Hobbs books. We looked through old birthday and Christmas cards he received and I read the notes [...]

It is time.

Today is the day that John and I are going to get all of Joe’s boxes out of the attic. We are going to sort through all of the items that were in his room. We are going to make decisions about what items to keep and what to let go. I’m not going to [...]


Last night, Sadie, John and I went to dinner and a show at the Benedum. We saw Hedwig and The Angry Inch. It was the fourth time I have seen that show. The first time was back in 2003. After that performance John and I bought the soundtrack and we have all been singing those [...]

A look back.

I worked my way through family photos yesterday. I sorted and divided and pitched. It felt good. I came across this photo of myself. I was fifteen months old in that photo. That was my first swimming pool. Even at that age I loved water. I feel the most at peace, in water. Isn’t it [...]

More decluttering.

It was another warm day in Pittsburgh yesterday. John and I took that opportunity to clean the garage. I had a few shelves, boxes and bags of things that I had received when my parents died. Sorting through that stuff was something I have been dreading. Since I finally painted Joe’s room I have a [...]

An awesome day!

Yesterday did not disappoint! John and I swung by Sadie’s apartment, picked her up and hit the Lawrenceville section of the city. We began with lunch at the Church Brew Works. It is a restaurant/brewpub that is located at the former site of St. John the Baptist Church. When John and I got engaged I [...]