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My mama.

This photo popped up as a memory of mine from February 28, 2014. Three Tischler kids and their mama. Wow, three years ago. I remember that day so clearly. I suggested getting our picture taken together. We were all together at our condo in Florida. That never happened. It was a tiny special moment in [...]

Academy awards.

John, Sadie and I went to see the movie LaLa Land yesterday. Friday John and I watched Manchester by the Sea. Since last night was the Academy Awards, we like it when we have seen a few of the movies that are nominated for awards. Here we are last summer on the steps at the [...]

A new old window.

A short time ago I bit the bullet and painted Joe’s room. I bought new curtains and new bedding. I told John that I thought the one wall needed more texture and I was going to look for an old window pane to hang behind the dresser. He just looked at me with a blank [...]

In the moment.

Yesterday was such a beautiful day! Last night John, Sadie and I had dinner together. We sat outside on the patio at the Walnut Grill. Yes, we sat outside on February 24th. In Pittsburgh. I looked around at the other tables. Many groups of people laughing and enjoying their time together. Everyone was happy. We [...]

Unseasonably warm.

The sun is creeping up slowly this morning. The sky is already bright with yellow, orange and purple streaks. It is February 24th and it is going to be 78 degrees today here in Pittsburgh. I hope that the sun continues to shine. It has been a very mild winter. I am not sure how [...]

Prayer for the sick.

I know too many people who are dealing with life threatening illness. I know of too many worried family members who are caring for their loved ones. Below is a prayer for the sick. Please take a moment and say this prayer for those who are suffering at this moment. Thank you. Father, Your love [...]

They are back.

So, two of my friends have returned. I just love mourning doves. The mourning dove is a symbol of life, hope, renewal and peace. They symbolize the Holy Spirit. They also represent those that we love who are now living in Spirit.  As we move through February and closely approach March, I am very happy [...]

Feeling better.

I am feeling a bit better today! I actually slept a total of almost seven hours! I am not going to do too much today, but I am SO hopeful that soon I will feel like my old self again soon. If you can, go outside today! Breathe some of that warm fresh air! Happy, [...]

A human being.

Today, I am a human being. I have been forced to do nothing. Having bronchitis has not slowed me down, it has stopped me. I could become frustrated or agitated as I sit and think about all of the things I need to do. I could let my mind race. I could let my thoughts [...]

Your soul and spirit.

It sure does look and feel like spring in Pittsburgh. I don’t know how long this is going to last, but I also know that just as we get used to it, it will snow. Speaking of snow, we certainly did not see much of it this year. I really love a good snow storm. [...]