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Archangels, St. Michael and St. Gabriel

Yesterday was the feast day for Archangels Saint Michael and Saint Gabriel. They are two of my favorite saints. In honor of their feast day, I am posting a prayer. Heavenly King, You have given us archangels to assist us during our pilgrimage on earth. Saint Michael is our protector; I ask him to come [...]

A new piece.

John left his car home with me yesterday. He asked me if I could take it to get new tires. I did. John has a CRV, which is a much larger car than mine. I drove by a local used furniture store. I can’t drive by without slowing down to see what they have sitting [...]

Good Neighbors.

Today is “Good Neighbor Day”. I can’t say enough wonderful things about the my neighbors. They are my best friends. They are my family. We live on a small street, just sixteen houses. Our house is in the middle of our street. I dare you to say that without singing it. We have been through [...]

Blog 2,290

I forgot to write a blog yesterday. First day in 2,290 days that I didn’t write. Yesterday morning was a busy morning for me. Time got away from me. Mornings are rough. I feel like the tin man, stiff and inflexible when I get up. It takes me a while to get going so I [...]

Our country.

I am not going to voice my opinion one way or another about the events of yesterday during the football games. What I will say is that we, as a county, are standing at the edge of a crisis. I rarely watch the news. I find it disturbing and out of my control. When I [...]

Race day!

A few months back John and Sadie began training to run the half marathon that is next May. John, a seasoned runner with ten marathons under his belt, and his girl who hated to run to the bathroom. Wow how things have changed. I am proud of these two. I’m super proud of Sadie. She [...]

Pushing through it.

Today is a high pain level day for me. It is hard for me to type these words. My hands and fingers are very swollen. I’m taking a deep breath. I’m going to put on my shoes. I am going to hobble down to Sadie’s and spend the day with my girl. Hopefully, spending time [...]

Swimming in fall.

Today is the first day of fall. The temperature will rise to the high 80s today. I can’t believe I am going to say this, but I think I will get in my pool today. I don’t think I have ever been in my pool in September, but definitely not the 22nd of September. Anything [...]

Oh the possibilities!

I wasn’t sure what I was going to write about this morning when I received a text from Johnny. He sent me these two photos. This is his view from his office in the UPMC U.S. Steel Building. The first photo looks like he is in a plane. I find the second photo to be [...]


I’m putting on my fixer up hat today. It has been a while. Our tenants have moved out and now I will touch up the paint and do a few other little jobs to get the place ready for the next tenant. We have been landlords for a year. Wow. That year flew by quickly. [...]