Back at Baldwin High School.

Well, I went back to Baldwin High School last night. I was going to see one of my young friends play his last high school football game. I have known him since he was a tiny little guy. I have loved him for many years. He holds a special place in my heart. This is my friend, Armando, kicking the ball.

Seeing all the boys running out on the field twisted my heart just a little. The last time I saw that my own boy, Joe, was one of the players.

Being back at Baldwin High school after 40 years was interesting. Being back on the field, seeing the band and hearing the familiar Scottish music took me back to a time I never thought I would remember. It has been many years since I twilled my own baton on that field.

It was fun. It was nostalgic and it was an exciting night to watch my friend win his last high school football game.

All is well.


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