Joe’s 26th birthday – A music video.

Today, my Joe turns 26 in Heaven. That is hard to believe. That is how old John was when we got married.

I have only happy memories of his birthdays.

A birthday tradition in our house was to play  ”They say it’s your Birthday” by The Beatles. We would dance like crazy people, around the family room. I’m listening to that song now, as I write.

A happy day.

This photo was taken on Joe’s 19th birthday. His last here on earth.

Today, I will make a wish. It is a magical day. I hope he is celebrating his earthly visit today.

In the summer of 2010, just before he was going off to Slippery Rock University, I saw a contest to win a scholarship through The Company Store.  A future student had to write a original lullaby. They had to perform it and record a two minute video. I suggested this to Joe who looked at me like I had officially lost my mind. Without even giving it a thought he said, “No way, I’m not doing that.”

Begrudgingly he did it. He told his dad he would record it once. He was not interested in improving it or practicing it. Said he could have done better, if he cared. One and done. Joe recorded the song and John videotaped him. After it was finished I told Joe that I didn’t care if he won or not. I was the winner. I would always have that video. Joe rolled his eyes, saying nothing.

Many of you voted for Joe to win the scholarship. He did not. However, I did win. I still love this video. His one and done.

Today, I am sharing it again. I haven’t shared it since the original contest.

I can almost see Joe rolling his eyes from wherever he is today. That’s okay. He would humor his crazy mama.

I hope you enjoy this video of my boy.

It is a magical day. Make a wish.



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