Happy Sunday.

Well, there is a turkey breast in the crock pot. The sun is shining through all of my windows. The house is warm and bright. It is a good day.

Yesterday I wanted to get out of the house. Well, that was until I did. It was so cold yesterday. I don’t remember it being this cold. I was able to get to the paint store and can now stay in the house and paint my heart out. I thought I was going to have to pay someone to paint the walls. Since painting is actually one of my favorite things to do, paying someone to do it was the last thing I wanted to do. My new colors, Flax, Cappuccino and Saffron are excited to get up on my walls.

I have an appointment with my elbow doctor tomorrow. I hope that he tells me I’m doing great and healing nicely. Since the pain is less, I think I am on a good track. I will not let a broken elbow hold me back.

So, stay warm today. Spend time with people you love. That is a great way to spend a Sunday.

It is all good.



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