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Returning home.

I returned home last night. The sunshine that woke me up today was very different than the sunshine of the last few weeks. I always enjoy my time in Florida. Some of my very favorite friends live on that island. It feels like I live between two worlds. I am blessed to love them both. [...]

Homeward bound.

It is time.  Time to pack it up, and go back to Pittsburgh.  Life here on this little island is worlds away from my life at home.  I exhale as we drive over the causeway to this island.  Breathe easy while I am here.  It is a simple life.  No worries. I always have mixed [...]

Six years in heaven.

Six years ago today, the day after his birthday, my daddy died. This was my blog from that time. If you have parents on this planet, call or visit them today. Rest In Peace, my sweet Daddy. Category: Uncategorized My heart breaks again.  God has taken another love from my life.  Just one day after his [...]

Happy Heavenly Birthday, dad.

I wrote this blog on March 21, 2012. My dad died the next day. Happy 93rd birthday in heaven, my sweet daddy. Happy birthday to a very special guy. Category: Uncategorized Daddy in his pond Happy 87th Birthday, Daddy! I don’t think we ever outgrow the need for our fathers.  Today, mine is 87.  My dad [...]

St. Joseph

Yesterday was the feast day of St. Joseph.  I pray to St. Joseph a lot.  St. Joseph was a humble and caring man.  A carpenter.  My own dad was a humble and caring man, and a carpenter. I named my son Joseph. Without hesitation, St. Joseph loved Jesus, unconditionally, even though Jesus was not his biological [...]

So long, Johnny.

Well, I’m waking up alone today. John rented a car yesterday and drove back to Orlando. Back to Pittsburgh and work he goes. It was so nice spending ten days here together. I miss him already. This morning I am thinking about how lucky I am to still love him so much after thirty years [...]


I saw this and had to share: Letting go with forgiveness. BY ANA HOLUB How can you find peace unless you learn to let go? And what is letting go but forgiveness of all your past hurts, grievances and regrets? Once you learn to forgive, your energy will change. You’ll feel lighter, more peaceful, and [...]

Student walkout protesting gun violence.

Students at thousands of schools across the country are walking out of class today to protest gun violence. The 17-minute walkout is a tribute to the 17 victims killed last month at Marjory Stonemason Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida. Good for them. Most of these children were not even born when the shooting at [...]

Mama, three years in Heaven.

I woke this thinking about my Mama. I have dreamt about her twice since I got here. My Mama died three years ago today, I was sitting in this same condo in Florida when I was told that my mama died. Hearing that news released a primal scream that came from deep, deep within me. [...]

National Girl Scout day.

Today is National Girl Scout Day. When Sadie was in grade school she really enjoyed being a Brownie. When it was time for her to become a Junior, I volunteered to be her Leader. My wonderful friend, Lisa, was also the Leader with me. We had a great time making memories with our girls and [...]