Dad in HomeGoods

Yesterday, John and I were in the HomeGoods store. There was quite a line of people waiting in line to make their purchases.

As John often does, he was smiling and laughing with a little boy who was with his mom and grandma.  I saw him sitting in the cart laughing and I said, “He reminds me of my dad.” Now, why I would think or say that an 18 month old baby reminded me of my dad, I don’t know. But, he did.

Next, I said, “What is his name?”

His mom smiled and said, “Robert George.”

Wow. Who is naming their child Robert these days?

I said, “My dad’s name was Robert Joseph.”

The mom responded, “I think there are a lot of spirits here today. I was thinking about my grandma. I saw that someone wrote their name on a blackboard in this store. They wrote, “Audrey”. That was my grandma’s name.”

So, there you have it. While we miss our loved ones. While we feel like we have lost them, we have not. They are always around us. Sometimes they are in HomeGoods.

Life is good.



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